The MSPT Venetian was chock full of amateurs, tour regulars, and poker pros. In the midst of them all was a celebrity who largely flew under the radar. We’re talking about Jim Carroll, who is a genuine reality TV star.

For those that don’t know, Carroll spent seven seasons alongside his wife, Elizabeth, as hosts of WEtv’s (that’s Women’s Entertainment TV for those who don’t know) Marriage Boot. Here’s a bit of info according to Carroll’s website:

In 2002, Jim created The Marriage Boot Camp. Jim was determined to do everything in his power to learn what it would take to have a successful marriage. The Boot Camp was designed to use games, drills and exercises that enhanced the relationship between spouses.

In 2006, the Marriage Boot Camp's success drew the interest of TV Networks. TLC was the first to shoot a series called Marriage Camp … In 2009, Jim met the love of his life on an online dating site. Elizabeth Davids was the perfect match for Jim. They married on June 21st, 2009 and are happily married today. Jim and Elizabeth work as a team in the Marriage Boot Camp to change lives.

“I am an unbelievably blessed husband and father who has gotten to see hundreds of lives and relationships changed through the Marriage Boot Camp,” reads Carroll’s Twitter profile. As it happens, Carroll, a good friend of Dr. Phil, occasionally likes to take a break from the celebrity life to play a little poker.

“Nobody here knows me, but Walmart knows me well,” Carroll said during a break. “I play a lot of tournaments throughout the year, usually at Choctaw or Winstar, but I come out to the WSOP each year.”

Jim Carroll & wife Elizabeth

Indeed, no one seemed to recognize Carroll for his television exploits, but a few players knew him from the poker circuit.

“I’ve been playing poker since I was 14 years old in smoky poker rooms with a bunch of old guys,” the Texan said about how he got into the game. “I got a lot of injuries playing sports because I’m getting old. I finally had knee and shoulder surgery and decided to play online. Then I won a big event at Winstar and kept going.”

The tournament he referred to was the 2008 The River Guaranteed $3,000,000, which he won for $700,000. All told, Carroll has $1,386,193 in live tournament earnings, which would include $2,566 for finishing 300th in the MSPT Venetian Main Event.

So, what’s next for Carroll after leaving Marriage Bootcamp behind?

“I’ve written a motion picture and have sent it off to film festivals,” he said. “The script has come in first place over 30 times. This Fall I’m probably going to film the movie. It’s a Sci-fi action adventure. It’s going to be great.”

In addition, he has an idea for a new TV show. The basic gist of it would see contestants compete in a series of games for the title of “Ultimate Gambler” while another set of contestants would seek to become “America’s Hottest Dealer.”

“Poker is only one thing that they’d play,” Carroll explained. “It’d be cheap and easy to film. Tables for the guys, a runway for the girls. I think it’d draw a ton of people.”

Follow Carroll on Twitter @JimMBC.