Day 1A of the MSPT Golden Gates $360 Regional Event in Black Hawk, Colorado attracted 281 entrants. With two starting flights remaining, it’s shaping up to be one of our biggest events ever at that property. Just 45 players bagged with Kirk Miller of Aurora, Colorado leading the pack with 362,000.

Kirk Miller

Kirk Miller (Aurora, CO) 362,000
Anthony Maley (Engelwood, CO) 242,000
Do Vo (Denver, CO) 241,000
Justin Del Rio (Colorado Springs, CO) 237,500
Rich Dixon (Cheyenne, WY) 207,000
Danny Gonzales (Denver, CO) 199,000
Kevin Eyster (Lafayette, LA) 195,500
Daniel Notice (N/A) 172,500
Greg Geller (Denver, CO) 171,500
Daniel Burke (Denver, CO) 166,500
Vik Vijay (Lakewood, CO) 159,500
Stephen Banker (Littleton, CO) 155,000
Travis Higginbothum (Kansas City, MO) 145,000
Loren Bimler (Littleton, CO) 144,000
Uri Yochelman (Denver, CO) 138,000
Mingyang Chang (Broomfield, CO) 135,500
Gary Fjeldsted (Littleton, CO) 134,500
Kyle Duffy (Denver, CO) 134,500
Aaron Frei (Longmont, CO) 129,000
Noel Diaz (Aurora, CO) 125,000
James Swan (Centennial, CO) 121,500
Jesus Ruiz (Denver, CO) 116,500
David Hass (Boulder, CO) 113,000
Kurt Carlson (Golden, CO) 112,000
Dan Durkee (Golden, CO) 105,500
Albert Hart (Centennial, CO) 104,500
Vi Le (Lakewood,CO) 103,500
Robert Opila (Denver, CO) 103,000
James Mack (Denver, CO) 100,000
Rob Fulcomer (Golden, CO) 96,500
Chris Ellis (Boulder, CO) 96,500
Zach Gutierrez (Denver, CO) 93,000
Brian Tom (Frisco, CO) 87,000
Nick Werce (Colorado Springs, CO) 85,000
Michael Lipscomb (Littleton, CO) 81,500
Svetlana Martie (Lakewood, CO) 79,500
Robert Baker (Denver, CO) 78,000
Jamie Moore (Denver, CO) 58,500
Brian Gallegos (Denver, CO) 57,000
Stu Brown (Denver, CO) 53,500
Margaret Cathey (Berthoud, CO) 50,500
Ryan Pringle (Gunnison, CO) 50,000
Michaek Hassab (Avon, CO) 50,000
Greg Delich (Denver, CO) 38,500
Kim Criter (Denver, CO) 34,000