Day 1B of MSPT Grand Falls $350 Regional drew 128 entrants, which long with 1A's 112 brought the field up to 240 with 1C still to go.

After 16 levels of play, just 23 players remained with Minnesota’s Darren Eide (pictured) and his stack of 303,500 leading the way. That is a bit behind that of Day 1A chip leader Brian Wika, who bagged 368,000.

Others who survived the night were Mike Carda (193,500), Paul Ewen (179,500), Mark Fink (145,000), Paul Skjerseth (73,500), and Tom Sundling (71,000).

Tomorrow at 9 a.m. the final $90 satellite for MSPT Grand Falls Regional will be held with 20% of the field advancing to the $350 Regional. Day 1C will kick off at 2 p.m. Surviving players from all flight will return at 11 a.m. on Sunday to play down to a winner.

Here’s a look at the Day 1B chip counts:

Darren Eide Moorehead, MN 303,500
Mike Carda Tea, SD 193,500
Jordan Rondell Kranzburg, SD 187,000
Paul Ewen Hartley, IA 179,500
Corey Skogrand Marshall, MN 165,000
Larry Crichton Larchwood, IA 161,000
Mark Fink Sioux Falls, SD 145,000
Mark Alinder Fargo, ND 139,000
Jesse Currier Brookings, SD 123,000
James Girouard SIoux Falls, SD 112,500
Dan Larson Spearfish, SD 111,000
Curtis Virstraete Wahpeton, ND 110,000
Paul Skjerseth Fargo, ND 73,500
Justin Heilman Aberdeen, SD 71,000
Tom Sundling Sioux Falls, SD 71,000
Michael Wallin SIoux Falls, SD 69,500
Dean Bullerman Adrian, MN 67,500
Doug Ficken Rapid City, SD 59,500
Eric Van Wyk Remsen, IA 56,000
Derrick Fish SIoux Falls, SD 55,000
Mark Wiberg St. Paul, MN 48,500
Daniel Klutman Harrisburg, SD 38,000
Gary Hanson Sioux Falls, SD 31,500