Day 1C chip leader: Don Saylor - 298,000

Day 1C drew 197 entries at Tropicana Evansville, with 298,000 Don Saylor leads the 38 players who bagged chips, after 16 levels of play.

Day 2 resumes Sunday at 11:00am


Don Saylor Fort Wayne, IN 298,000
Ross Pflanzer Indianapolis, IN 288,500
Scott Wininger Odon, IN 229,500
Dale Garrison Evansville, IN 199,500
Timothy Casteel Indianapolis, IN 190,500
Christopher Peters Jasper, IN 157,000
Scott Smith Evansville, IN 156,000
Peter Massengale Chatanooga, TN 155,000
Jim Bugg Paducah, KY 144,000
Justin Jones Gaston, IN 131,500
Jason Gwinn Nashville, TN 124,500
Charles Curtsinger Gilbertsville, KY 120,500
Kevin Slaughter Evansville, IN 107,000
Courtney Hetzel Troy, IL 102,000
JD Hill Princeton, KY 101,500
Jerry Cagle Nashville, TN 100,000
Thomas Lynn Nashville, TN 95,500
Richard McCoy Leadwood, MO 86,000
Christopher Scott Nashville, TN 83,000
Jeremy Curtis Morganfield, KY 80,000
Clinton Meier Princeton, IN 79,500
Franklin Morris Morgantown, KY 78,000
David Brown Mount Carmel, IL 72,500
Gheorghe Farima Chicago, IL 70,000
Timothy Stull Sebree, KY 67,000
Kenneth Mattingly Owensboro, KY 66,000
Terry Iafrate Evansville, IN 64,500
Ahmad Raghebi St. Louis, MO 61,500
Harald Anderson Cumberland, TN 61,000
Max Le Hopkinsville, KY 55,500
Corey Cross LaVergne, TN 50,000
Logan Stalions Evansville, IN 49,500
Jason Madden Indianapolis, IN 46,500
Larry Weitkamp Loogootee, IN 45,000
Richard Royer Henderson, KY 42,500
Matthew Wilmes Ferdinand, IN 28,000
Craig Gubert Clawson, MI 27,000
Christopher Wischer Newburgh, IN 25,500