Canterbury Park: September 8 - 16, 2018

Level:15   Blinds: 1500 / 3000   Ante:500

Day 1A of the latest MSPT Canterbury Park attracted 112 entries, but by the end of the night just 14 remained with MSPT Season 7 Player of the Year Rich Alsup and his stack of 320,500 leading the way.

Others to bag big stacks were two-time MSPT champ Blake Bohn (248,500), Brett Hansen Begg (241,500), 2017 Fall Poker Classic Main Event champ Dennis Stevermer (222,000), and Yevgeniy Minakrin (178,500), who round out the top five.

They were joined by the likes of Tyler Caspers (149,500), Dan “DQ” Hendrickson (99,500), and the short-stacked Victor Hoffman (66,000). Action ended on Day 1A with 8:50 left on the clock in Level 15.

Among those to try and fall on Day 1A were Alex Winter, 2017 MN Poker Mag POY Todd Melander, Tom Hammers, Matt Alexander, 3-Putts, and World Series of Poker bracelet winner John Reading. Likewise, former MSPT champs Ahmed Taleb, Ben Marsh, Mark Sandness, and Mark Wadekamper, Jason Sell, and defending champ Rob Wazwaz all hit the rail.

Two more flights remain for the MSPT Canterbury Park starting with 1B at Noon local time on Friday. 1C will take place at the same time on Saturday. Late registration will remain open until 9:10 p.m. both nights. The surviving players from all flights will then return at 11 a.m. on Sunday to play down to a winner.

Also, on Friday there will be a $250 TURBO satellite at 9:00 a.m. That satty features 15-minute levels with 20% advancing to the Main Event.

Level:15   Blinds: 1500 / 3000   Ante:500
Richard Alsup New Hope, MN 320,500
Blake Bohn Eden Prairie, MN 248,500
Brett Hansen Begg Bloomington, MN 241,500
Dennis Stevermer St. Paul, MN 222,000
Yevgeniy Minakrin Eagan, MN 178,500
Rob Maier Little Canada, MN 160,000
Tyler Caspers Echo, MN 149,500
Matthew Mlsna Minneapolis, MN 142,000
Rick Rothausen Walker, MN 138,000
Ian Matakis Faribault, MN 117,500
Dan Hendrickson Faribault, MN 99,500
Jodene Jensen Minneapolis, MN 88,500
Dale Franke Apple Valley, MN 72,000
Victor Hoffman Onslow, IA 66,000
Level:15   Blinds: 1500 / 3000   Ante:500
Blake Bohn

Brett Hansen Begg raised to 12,000 from the lojack, and Blake Bohn, who freerolled Hansen Begg into this tournament, called from the hijack, as did Rick Rothausen on the button.

All three players checked through the flop, and Hansen Begg bet 18,000 on the turn. Bohn called and Rothausen folded.

The fell on the river, and Hansen Begg fired 27,000. Bohn didn’t take long to slam calling chips in the pot.

“Nice hand,” Hansen Begg said before rolling over for just ace-high. Bohn tabled for queens and eights and the winner.

Brett Hansen Begg - 300,000 (100 bb)
Blake Bohn - 210,000 (70 bb)

Level:15   Blinds: 1500 / 3000   Ante:500

Zeph Baer (pictured left) raised to 6,000 from the hijack and Rich Alsup (right), the MSPT Season 7 Player of the Year, three-bet all in for 88,200 from the cutoff. Action folded back to Baer and he called.


It was a flip and Alsup was just looking to hold to stay alive. That’s just what he did too when the board ran out a lowly .

Rich Alsup - 180,000 (60 bb)
Zeph Baer - 32,000 (11 bb)

Level:15   Blinds: 1500 / 3000   Ante:500
Brett Hansen Begg

Jesse Rockowitz raised to 6,300 from UTG, and Jodene Jensen three-bet to 15,000 from UTG+1. Brett Hansen Begg cold called in the lojack, and Rockowitz came along as well.

Rockowitz checked the flop over to Jensen, who fired 15,000. Hansen Begg raised to 45,000, and Rockowitz pushed for his last 130,000. Jensen folded, but Hansen Begg made the call.

Hansen Begg:

Rockowitz was in front with his trip jacks, but Hansen Begg binked a king on the turn to take a hammerlock on the hand, leaving Rockowitz with a single out to double. The wasn’t it, however, and Rockowitz was left with a bad beat story to tell, while Hansen Begg, who just this morning chopped a $35 tournament here at Canterbury Park, now sits with the chip lead going late into Day 1A of the $1,100 MSPT Canterbury Park.

Brett Hansen Begg - 330,000 (110 bb)
Jesse Rockowitz - Busted

Level:14   Blinds: 1200 / 2400   Ante:400
Tyler Caspers
Aaron Johnson

Yevgeniy Minakrin raised to 6,500 from the lojack, and Aaron Johnson three-bet shoved for 22,400 from the hijack. Tyler Caspers four-bet shoved for 78,500 from the small blind, and Minakrin called to put both players at risk.


Caspers stayed ahead with his jacks on the flop, and the turn meant he was looking to fade a king, queen or ace to score a knockout of the Kimo Sabe Mezcal POY Race leader in Johnson, but Johnson was able to find his three-outer on the river, giving him a triple, while Caspers secured the healthy side pot.

Yevgeniy Minakrin - 180,000 (75 bb)
Tyler Caspers - 112,200 (47 bb)
Aaron Johnson - 73,600 (31 bb)

Level:14   Blinds: 1200 / 2400   Ante:400

Jesse Rockowitz (pictured left) opened for 6,000 on the button and MSPT Season 5 Ho-Chunk champ Jason Sell (right) three-bet all in for around 25,000 from the small blind. Rockowitz quickly called and the hands were turned up.


The flop paired Rockowitz and Sell was left drawing dead on the turn. The was run out on the river and Sell wished the table luck before heading for the exit.

Jesse Rockowitz - 135,000 (56 bb)
Jason Sell - Busted

Level:14   Blinds: 1200 / 2400   Ante:400
Brandon Kelzenberg

Rich Alsup raised to 6,000 from the lojack and was called by Aaron Johnson in the cutoff. Brandon Kelzenberg three-bet jammed for 66,500 from the small blind, and Alsup called, while Johnson folded.


Kelzenberg survived on a board and doubled up.

Brandon Kelzenberg - 145,000 (60 bb)
Rich Alsup - 62,000 (26 bb)

Level:14   Blinds: 1200 / 2400   Ante:400

For the third and final time in Season 9, the MSPT is headed to Meskwaki Casino in Tama, Iowa. From October 27 through November 4, a series of satellites will feed into the 21st MSPT Main Event ever held at the venue.

The $1,100 buy-in, $300,000 guaranteed Main Event will run the weekend of November 2-4.

Click here for a look at the full schedule.

Information on Hotel Rates as low as $49/night here.

Back in March, the first MSPT Meskwaki of Season 9 drew 414 entries and saw Nathan Trenkamp, who qualified via a $250 satellite, walk away with an $88,018 first-place prize. Then, in July, Minnesota’s Brian Soja bested a 455-entry field to win the 2018 MSPT Iowa State Poker Championship. In the same event last year, Max Havlish prevailed over 424 entrants to win the tournament for $90,152.

Located in Tama, Iowa — between Des Moines and Cedar Rapids on Highway 30 — Meskwaki Casino, which was constructed in 1992, features a huge bingo hall, nine different types of table games, off-track betting, active craps tables, more than 1,350 slots, good blackjack games, horse book, indoor pool, exercise room, spa, and 404 hotel rooms.

Level:13   Blinds: 1000 / 2000   Ante:300
Victor Hoffman

In the last hand of Level 13, Victor Hoffman raised to 4,800 under the gun and Jericka Duncan called from the cutoff. Aaron Johnson came along from the big blind and three players went to the flop.

All three players checked and the dealer burned and turned the .

Johnson led out for 7,500 and Hoffman paused for a few beats before shoving in his entire stack aside from 1,800 he left behind. Duncan got out of the way and Johnson thought for over a minute before letting go of his hand.

Victor Hoffman - 60,000 (30 bb)
Aaron Johnson - 32,000 (16 bb)

Player Name City State Chip Count Progress
Richard Alsup New Hope MN 320,500 320,500 
Blake Bohn Eden Prairie MN 248,500 248,500 
Brett Hansen Begg Bloomington MN 241,500 241,500 
Dennis Stevermer St. Paul MN 222,000 222,000 
Yevgeniy Minakrin Eagan MN 178,500 178,500 
Rob Maier Little Canada MN 160,000 160,000 
Tyler Caspers Echo MN 149,500 149,500 
Matthew Mlsna Minneapolis MN 142,000 142,000 
Rick Rothausen Walker MN 138,000 138,000 
Ian Matakis Faribault MN 117,500 117,500 
Dan Hendrickson Faribault MN 99,500 99,500 
Jodene Jensen Minneapolis MN 88,500 88,500 
Dale Franke Apple Valley MN 72,000 72,000 
Victor Hoffman Onslow IA 66,000 66,000 
Zephaniah Baer St. Paul MN 0 Busted 
Jesse Rockowitz Fairmont MN 0 Busted 
Aaron Johnson Red Wing MN 0 Busted 
Derek Lesniak Bethel MN 0 Busted 
Jason Sell Plymouth MN 0 Busted 
Mike Estes Coralville IA 0 Busted 
Mark Wadekamper Lonsdale MN 0 Busted 
John Pierce Rochester MN 0 Busted 
David Bashel Brooklyn Park MN 0 Busted 
John Reading Rochester MN 0 Busted 
Jeff Petronack Hugo MN 0 Busted 
Jeff Taylor Eden Prairie MN 0 Busted 
Mark Sandness Wayzata MN 0 Busted 
Kevin Kelly Burnsville MN 0 Busted 
Mark Bloomberg Mound MN 0 Busted 
Thomas Wu Minneapolis MN 0 Busted 
3 Putts Shakopee 0 Busted 
Rob WazWaz Minneapolis MN 0 Busted 
Matt Alexander Minneapolis MN 0 Busted 
Nghia Le Sawanee GA 0 Busted 
Alexander Hill Madison WI 0 Busted 
Tucker Hummel Fargo ND 0 Busted 
Ben Marsh Duluth MN 0 Busted 
Charles Workman Savage MN 0 Busted 
Eric Eelkema Brooklyn Park MN 0 Busted 
Tom Hammers Burnsville MN 0 Busted 
Gerald Cunniff St. Paul MN 0 Busted 
Brian Berend Wahpeton ND 0 Busted 
Sue Roberts Sartell MN 0 Busted 
Tony Moses St. Anthony MN 0 Busted 
Alexander Truog Independence WI 0 Busted 
Steve Shanks Shakopee MN 0 Busted 
Kelly Day Prior Lake MN 0 Busted 
Ahmed Taleb Moorhead MN 0 Busted 
Steve Wazwaz Brooklyn Park MN 0 Busted 
Bob Van Syckle St. Paul MN 0 Busted 
Todd Melander Minneapolis MN 0 Busted 
Alex Winter Roseville MN 0 Busted 
Rank Player Name City State AmountPoints
1 Blake Bohn Eden Prairie MN $94,7661,600
2 Kou Vang Maplewood MN $58,2321,400
3 Richard Alsup New Hope MN $41,9661,300
4 Ian Matakis Faribault MN $31,7391,200
5 Jesse Allen (MI) Marquette MI $23,8041,100
6 Dennis Stevermer St. Paul MN $18,0741,000
7 Dedric Henderson Minneapolis MN $14,106900
8 Tyree Johnson Coon Rapids MN $11,021800
9 Mark Sandness Wayzata MN $8,376700
10 Bill Criego Prior Lake MN $6,612600
11 Eric Alwin Holladay UT $6,612600
12 Shawn Bartness Woodbury MN $6,612600
13 Jonathan Kim (MN) Minneapolis MN $5,290500
14 Ron Olson St. Cloud MN $5,290500
15 Saad Ghanem Bloomington MN $5,290500
16 James Gibson Manitoba $4,408400
17 Hank Mlekoday Minneapolis MN $4,408400
18 Shek Wong Superior WI $4,408400
19 Nizom Abdukadyrov New Hope MN $4,011300
20 Zach Cheatum Savage MN $4,011300
21 Carl Carodenuto Bloomington MN $4,011300
22 Zachary Warren Stevensville MI $3,394200
23 Dana Isaacson Bloomington MN $3,394200
24 Joe Maas Corcoran MN $3,394200
25 Joel Klipping Red Lake Falls MN $2,953150
26 Andrew Johnson West St. Paul MN $2,953150
27 Kevin Selby Bismarck ND $2,953150
28 Randy Oyarzabal Rochester MN $2,380100
29 Brett Hansen Begg Bloomington MN $2,380100
30 Robert OConnell Minneapolis MN $2,380100
31 Jodene Jensen Minneapolis MN $2,380100
32 DJ Buckley Eden Prairie MN $2,380100
33 Rick Rothausen Walker MN $2,380100
34 Kanat Ozturk Eden Prarie MN $2,380100
35 Todd Melander Minneapolis MN $2,380100
36 Steve Shanks Shakopee MN $2,380100
37 Tyler Caspers Echo MN $2,16075
38 Scott Overby Eagan MN $2,16075
39 Matthew Mlsna Minneapolis MN $2,16075
40 George Shabatura Plymouth MN $2,16075
41 Alex Juedes Washburn WI $2,16075
42 Cody Espeseth Hopkins MN $2,16075
43 Victor Hoffman Onslow IA $2,16075
44 Dale Franke Apple Valley MN $2,16075
45 Michael Ruter Murrieta CA $2,16075
46 Harry Behling Forest Lake MN $1,98450
47 Keith Heine Hillsboro MO $1,98450
48 Rob Maier Little Canada MN $1,98450
49 Mike Juszczak Zimmerman MN $1,98450
50 Dan Hendrickson Faribault MN $1,98450
51 Vic Peppe Corcoran MN $1,98450
52 George Sanford Zimmerman MN $1,98450
53 Mike Schneider (MN) Minneapolis MN $1,98450
54 Erik Burton Onalaska WI $1,98450


Level Info
Level 15
Blinds 1,500 / 3,000
Ante 500
Players Info
Entries 112
Players Remaining 14
Average Chip Stack 160,000
Total Chips 2,240,000
Top 10 Chip Count
Rank Player Name Chip Count
Richard Alsup 320,500
Blake Bohn 248,500
Brett Hansen Begg 241,500
Dennis Stevermer 222,000
Yevgeniy Minakrin 178,500
Rob Maier 160,000
Tyler Caspers 149,500
Matthew Mlsna 142,000
Rick Rothausen 138,000
10  Ian Matakis 117,500
Season Top 10 POY Points
Rank Player Name Points
Aaron Johnson 5,117
Blake Bohn 4,400
Kou Vang 3,900
Alex Winter 3,650
Richard Alsup 3,100
Greg Himmelbrand 2,750
Osama Aweida 2,600
Adam Friedman 2,350
Pavel Plesuv 2,250
10  David Levine 2,200
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