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Canterbury Park: September 8 - 16, 2018

Aaron Johnson Triples, Tyler Caspers Still Profits

Created (9/13/2018 10:26:42 PM by Brandon Temple)
Tyler Caspers
Aaron Johnson

Yevgeniy Minakrin raised to 6,500 from the lojack, and Aaron Johnson three-bet shoved for 22,400 from the hijack. Tyler Caspers four-bet shoved for 78,500 from the small blind, and Minakrin called to put both players at risk.


Caspers stayed ahead with his jacks on the flop, and the turn meant he was looking to fade a king, queen or ace to score a knockout of the Kimo Sabe Mezcal POY Race leader in Johnson, but Johnson was able to find his three-outer on the river, giving him a triple, while Caspers secured the healthy side pot.

Yevgeniy Minakrin - 180,000 (75 bb)
Tyler Caspers - 112,200 (47 bb)
Aaron Johnson - 73,600 (31 bb)