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Canterbury Park: September 8 - 16, 2018

Brett Hansen Begg Hits A Two-Outer To Felt Jesse Rockowitz In Monster Hand

Created (9/13/2018 10:43:36 PM by Brandon Temple)
Brett Hansen Begg

Jesse Rockowitz raised to 6,300 from UTG, and Jodene Jensen three-bet to 15,000 from UTG+1. Brett Hansen Begg cold called in the lojack, and Rockowitz came along as well.

Rockowitz checked the flop over to Jensen, who fired 15,000. Hansen Begg raised to 45,000, and Rockowitz pushed for his last 130,000. Jensen folded, but Hansen Begg made the call.

Hansen Begg:

Rockowitz was in front with his trip jacks, but Hansen Begg binked a king on the turn to take a hammerlock on the hand, leaving Rockowitz with a single out to double. The wasn’t it, however, and Rockowitz was left with a bad beat story to tell, while Hansen Begg, who just this morning chopped a $35 tournament here at Canterbury Park, now sits with the chip lead going late into Day 1A of the $1,100 MSPT Canterbury Park.

Brett Hansen Begg - 330,000 (110 bb)
Jesse Rockowitz - Busted