FireKeepers Casino: May 9 - 17, 2015


FireKeepers Casino - Battle Creek, MI

May 14-17, 2015

Main Event: 614 Entrants

Harry Tisdale Wins MSPT FireKeepers Casino, $142,637

Watch the full final table video (large file, may take a few minutes to load)

It started with a $90 super satellite seat, which turned into a $250 qualifier seat, and now Mark Rubenstein, aka Harry Tisdale, has $142,637 in his pocket after winning the Mid-States Poker Tour FireKeepers Casino, a tournament that set a Michigan state record with 614 entries. Rubenstein prevailed over a tough final table that included MSPT sponsored prosNick Pupillo and Jason Zarlenga.

Rubenstein began the day eighth out of the 119 Day 2 runners. Sixty-three would be paid, and the money bubble hit fairly quickly, as is the norm under the Allen Kessler-approved structure in the MSPT. Scott HammettNick JivkovAdam FriedmanDavid Gutfreund, and Brett Reichard were among the players walking away empty handed.

Once the money bubble burst, Mike Ross (59th), Zal Irani (57th), defending champ Ryan Dykhouse (51st), Pat Steele (48th), Adam Lamphere(39th), Jose Serratos (37th), Tom Midena (20th), Ken Baime (16th), Dan Bekavac (15th), and Mark Johnson (13th) were among the notables falling but earning compensation.

Rubenstein made a big move with 12 players left, clashing with Pupillo in a three-bet pot when Rubenstein opened for 125,000 in middle position at Level 26 (20,000/40,000/5,000). Pupillo three-bet to 320,000 in the small blind, and Rubenstein called. The flop brought a monotone Q♠2♠8♠, and Pupillo fired 250,000. His fingers hadn't even left the chips before Rubenstein said he was all in, and Pupillo quickly folded. That pot gave Rubenstein about 20 percent of the chips in play.

The rich only got richer in the last hour before the final table as Rubenstein put together a stack of over 3.8 million, while his closest competitor,Sean Munjal, had just 1.59 million with blinds at 25,000/50,000/5,000. Munjal's position was precarious with everyone besides Rubenstein so tightly bunched, and he ended up going out in 10th after losing a big flip for most of his stack with the 10♣10♥ to Nicholas Aranda's A♠K♣.

Ryan Michael then fell to a brutal beat as his A♦A♥ was outdrawn all in preflop by JC Chen's K♦Q♦ as the latter made a flush. Next out was Tom Theisen in eighth, followed by Chen in seventh when he tried one time too many to crack aces and couldn't catch Aranda with 4♥4♦.

At that point, Rubenstein and Pupillo butted heads in another monster pot, starting with Rubenstein opening the cutoff and Pupillo calling on the button. A 7♦8♣5♦ flop led to a bet of 500,000 and a shove of 1.7 million, with Rubenstein calling with his 9♥9♣. Pupillo was in a bad spot with 4♦4♠ and he failed to find another four. The MSPT team pro has been consistent about making final tables but hasn't been able to finish the deal, as he now has two fifths, two sixths, and a seventh in the past nine months.

Zarlenga looked poised for yet another final table rampage as he busted Jeremy Grable in fifth with the A♥6♣ against the A♣7♥, but a sick beat sent him out next. He got his last 955,000 in on a 6♦A♠6♥ flop with the 6♠5♦, only for William Rogers to bink an ace on the river with the A♣4♦.

From there, Aranda failed to hold with the K♠9♠ against the Q♥J♣ of Rubenstein, who found a jack on the river to go to heads-up play with more than two-thirds of the roughly 12 million chips in play at 50,000/100,000/10,000.

Just a few hands later, a massive cooler developed in a limped pot, with both Rogers an Rubenstein checking a 3♦6♣6♦ flop to see a 10♥ turn. Rogers bet 150,000, Rubenstein raised to 450,000, Rogers came back with 1 million, and Rubenstein immediately shoved. Rogers couldn't get away from his 6♥2♥ and was outkicked by his opponent's A♣6♠. The river brought a 7♦ to give Rubenstein the title. Rogers took home more than $80,000 as a consolation prize.

An exhausted Rubenstein said his dad was going to wake up to a hell of a birthday present.

The MSPT grinders will now get some time off before the biggest event of the season, the $1 million guaranteed tournament at the Venetian in early June. Visit for more information.


Rank Player Name City State AmountPoints
1 Harry Tisdale Owosso MI $142,6371,700
2 Bill Rogers Midland MI $80,2011,500
3 Nicholas Aranda Chicago IL $50,4971,400
4 Jason Zarlenga Lansing MI $40,9921,300
5 Jeremy Grable Marshall MI $32,6741,200
6 Nicholas Pupillo Addison IL $27,0311,100
7 Xingjun Chen Richland MI $21,6841,000
8 Tom Theisen Wyoming MI $16,337900
9 Ryan Michael Grosse Pointe Woods MI $11,288800
10 Sean Munjal Ann Arbor MI $7,723700
11 Chris Moon Sterling Heights MI $7,723700
12 Mike Pastein Midland MI $7,723700
13 Mark Johnson (MI) Warren MI $5,644600
14 Mills Hale Kalamazoo MI $5,644600
15 Daniel Bekavac Chicago IL $5,644600
16 Kenneth Baime Glenview IL $4,159500
17 Frank Ksiazkiewicz Jackson MI $4,159500
18 Brian Newman Montrose MI $4,159500
19 Chris Blik Grandville MI $3,267400
20 Thomas Midena Brooklyn MI $3,267400
21 Dale Hackney Durand MI $3,267400
22 William Hamilton Hamilton, ON (Canada) $3,267400
23 Lonny Lundy Delphos OH $3,267400
24 Liz Lynch Charlotte MI $3,267400
25 Greg Meredith Fort Wayne IN $3,267400
26 Michael Griebe Warren MI $3,267400
27 Bruce Swart Grass Lake MI $3,267400
28 David Kenniston Muskegon MI $2,911300
29 Martin Dubois Dewitt MI $2,911300
30 Carl Luginbill Hudson IN $2,911300
31 Craig Stasio Center Line MI $2,911300
32 Gary Farhat Jackson MI $2,911300
33 Cuong Tran Midland MI $2,911300
34 Mark Uminn Kalamazoo MI $2,911300
35 Phil Wojtuniecki Trenton MI $2,911300
36 Ao Chen East Lansing MI $2,911300
37 Jose Serratos Detroit MI $2,614200
38 Bob Hoag Battle Creek MI $2,614200
39 Adam Lamphere Lansing MI $2,614200
40 Dan Hatfield Holt MI $2,614200
41 James Dark Spring Arbor MI $2,614200
42 Randell Boyer Jackson MI $2,614200
43 Larry Baxter Parma MI $2,614200
44 Bryan Norris Farmington Hills MI $2,614200
45 George Korovesis Elkhart IN $2,614200
46 Alan Waller Paw Paw MI $2,317100
47 Adam Barry New Baltimore MI $2,317100
48 Patrick Steele Chelsea MI $2,317100
49 Jefferson Lasecki Chicago IL $2,317100
50 Yatendra Guru Fenton MI $2,317100
51 Ryan Dykhouse Grand Rapids MI $2,317100
52 Frank Wassenaar Ceresco MI $2,317100
53 David Armintrout Allegan MI $2,317100
54 Sean Roy Ontario, Canada $2,317100
55 Thomas Ihrie Chicago IL $2,02050
56 Todd Wildig Portage MI $2,02050
57 Zal Irani Chicago IL $2,02050
58 Andrzej Rogowski Chicago IL $2,02050
59 Michael Ross Chicago IL $2,02050
60 Gary Tsui Indian Head Park IL $2,02050
61 Jake Baumgartner Grand Rapids MI $2,02050
62 Chris McFarlane Lima OH $2,02050
63 Paul Prentis Gross Pointe Park MI $2,02050

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