Potawatomi Casino: August 29 - September 6, 2015


Potawatomi Casino - Milwaukee, WI

September 4-6, 2015

Main Event: 462 Entrants

Dan Goepel Wins MSPT Potawatomi Casino, $114,117!

Watch the full final table video (large file, may take a few minutes to load)

Dan Goepel has made a habit of cashing in Mid-States Poker Tour events in his home state of Wisconsin. On Sunday, he notched his fourth score on the tour and it was a big one. He took down the MSPT Potawatomi Main Event in Milwaukee, topping a field of 462 entries to pocket $114,117 in prize money.

"I'm a firm believer that when it gets heads up, the dealer does most of the work," Goepel said after his win.

If that's the case, the dealer did quite a job in propelling Goepel to victory. He entered heads-up play against Travis Lauson at about a 2:1 deficit, but that quickly turned into 6:1 as Lauson whittled him down. However, the two were playing extremely shallow with just over 9 million in play at Level 33 (100,000/200,000/30,000), so variance was Goepel's friend.

First, he doubled up with the K♠6♦ against the Q♣10♦. Then, Lauson hammered him back down to 1.1 million, but Goepel managed to spike a three-outer with the K♦4♥ against the A♥4♦. Goepel then check-shipped a 3♠5♠3♦ flop in a raised pot and took it down, giving him an improbable lead.

In the end, it was decided in a classic race: Goepel's A♦K♥ against Lauson's 10♦10♣. Goepel flopped aces and kings and faded Lauson's six outs on a K♦J♥A♠2♠7♣ board, leaving Lauson devastated and frustrated at his poor luck.

When the final table began, Goepel was third in chips and he showcased his chops with a king-high calldown of Paul Elfelt. That left Elfelt short and he busted ninth after Matt Hauge went out 10th.Jon Lane went out eighth and then came a long period of seven-handed play, with short stacks doubling numerous times, including a three-outer by WSOP Circuit ring winner Yossi Azulay.

Finally, everyone was feeling the pinch with average stacks around 12 big blinds and players hit the exits in a hurry. Brian Smith busted seventh, followed by tour regular Rob Wazwaz in sixth. Azulay then got sevens in against the A♣6♠ of Goepel, but the latter hit Broadway. Lauson sent Colin EricLovelock packing in fourth and Kenneth Schetter in third to assume the role of favorite in heads-up play.

But as Goepel told it, the dealers worked their magic and he emerged the winner.

Thomas Peebles (35th), Jason Seitz (29th), Brett Reichard (27th), Howard Hankin (24th), Jim Boone (19th), and start-of-day leader David To (17th) were some of the runners cashing among the 45 places paid.

The MSPT returns in two weeks for an event in its home state of Minnesota at Running Aces, so come back for more coverage then here on PokerNews.


Rank Player Name AmountPoints
1 Daniel Goepel $114,1171,500
2 Travis Lauson $65,8891,300
3 Ken Schetter $40,1981,200
4 Colin Eric Lovelock $32,3811,100
5 Yossi Azulay $25,4581,000
6 Rob WazWaz $21,215900
7 Brian Smith $16,965800
8 Jon Lane $12,953700
9 Paul Elfelt $8,933600
10 Matt Hauge $5,806500
11 Yer Vang $5,806500
12 Greg Movrich $5,806500
13 Dimitre Kolen $4,466400
14 Byron Ziebell $4,466400
15 Richard Syverud $4,466400
16 Jerry Gumila $3,528300
17 David To $3,528300
18 Ken Komberec $3,528300
19 Jim Boone $2,769200
20 Jack Torcolese $2,769200
21 Louis Hoeflich $2,769200
22 Ryan Perez $2,769200
23 Ross Bryant $2,769200
24 Howard Hankin $2,769200
25 Phil Ariganello $2,769200
26 Claudio Parrone $2,769200
27 Brett Reichard $2,769200
28 Leonard Lewandowski $2,457100
29 Jason Seitz $2,457100
30 Anthony Meyers $2,457100
31 Roger Kregelka $2,457100
32 Michael Gorby $2,457100
33 Glenn Anderson $2,457100
34 Shane Thorne $2,457100
35 Thomas Peebles $2,457100
36 Joseph Rake $2,457100
37 Voytak Glab $2,23350
38 Craig Dawson $2,23350
39 Mike Gillilan $2,23350
40 Cory Henrickson $2,23350
41 Joseph Iannello $2,23350
42 Ryan Jaworski $2,23350
43 Doug Timmer $2,23350
44 Joe Leibman $2,23350
45 Chris Roth $2,23350

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