The Venetian: February 2 - 4, 2017


The Venetian - Las Vegas, NV

February 2-4, 2017

Main Event: 695 Entrants

Jordan Young Wins Inaugural MSPT “Poker Bowl” at The Venetian, $139,624!

The inaugural Mid-States Poker Tour (MSPT) $1,100 Poker Bowl at The Venetian in Las Vegas proved to be a successful affair drawing 695 entrants (253 on Day 1A, 442 Day 1B). That created a $681,100 prize pool – more than double the advertised guarantee – and after two days of play it was poker pro Jordan Young who walked away with $139,624 and two different trophies.

Young, who only had to fire one bullet in the tournament, defeated Ankush Mandavia, who won $2,387,064 in 2016 and is one of four nominees for “Breakout Player of the Year” in the 3rd Annual American Poker Awards, in heads-up play to capture the title.

“I’ve had a little bit of a struggle playing deep, mainly at the World Series of Poker, so it feels good to finally close a big tournament out,” said Young after the win. “The structure was great. I love the 40-minute levels. My playing style is not suited all that much for the real long levels. I like to get it in there and just ram and jam. I loved the structure and I never had below the starting stack. Right away I had 80,000 and never looked back.”

The win marked the largest score of Young’s career, which dates back to 2010. Prior to his breakthrough win, Young’s top cash was $54,936 for finishing ninth in a 2011 WSOP $1,500 No-Limit Hold’em event. The win pushed Young’s lifetime tournament earnings up to $461,921.

Day 2 saw 99 players return to action, but with only 72 slated to get paid, 27 would leave empty handed. Among them were Dylan Wilkerson, Jeff Fielder, 2016 MSPT Iowa State Poker champ John Sun, MSPT Meskwaki champ Ken Komberec, and Vancouver’s Yimin Fang, who fell as the bubble boy after his ace-queen failed to hold against Cody Schumacher’s nine-ten suited.

Once the money was made, the eliminations came rapid fire. Among those to cash but fall short of the final table were Michigan’s Griff Woodman (72nd - $2,248), Lily Kiletto (55th - $2,384), World Series of Poker bracelet winner Eric Baldwin (48th - $2,520), Luke Vrabel (38th - $2,656), three-time bracelet and start-of-the-day short stack Dutch Boyd (35th - $2,997), World Poker Tour Five Diamond champ James Romero (29th - $2,997), and the last MSPT champ in the field Jason Seitz (23rd - $4,904).

Early on at the final table, Joseph Alban exited after his Big Slick fell to the trip tens of Michigan’s Chris Moon, and start-of-the-day chip leader Gary Bolden followed him out the door after he ran queen-jack into the king-queen of Michael Vanier.

Mark Hamilton was the next to go after his ace-ten fell to Moon’s turned flush with the jack-seven of hearts, and from there Moon took care of Vanier after pairing the turn with ace-eight against the latter’s ace-queen.

MSPT Golden Gates runner-up Jason Vanstrom hit the rail in sixth place after losing a race to Mandavia. It marked Vanstrom’s third MSPT final table and ninth overall cash to bring his tour earnings up to $108,190.

After Patrick Gunraj bowed out in fifth place, WPT champ Jordan Cristos exited when his ace-seven was outdrawn by Young’s jack-six. In the very next hand, Moon ran pocket eights smack dab into Young’s queens to bust in third place.

Heads-up play began with Young holding a slight chip lead over Mandavia, but the two ended up swapping it on numerous occasions. Eventually, the pair struck a deal that saw them even split on the condition the loser would give the winner $5,000. From there, Young pulled out to a healthy lead and finished things off when his jack-four got there against Mandavia’s king-ten.

“Andy is just really good,” Young said of his opponent. “He’s really strong especially heads-up. My card distribution was solid heads-up, so it made it easier to play against him.”

Seeing as it was the Poker Bowl was just a day away from the New England Patriots taking on the Atlanta Falcons in Super Bowl LI, we decided to get the champ’s prediction, despite the fact he is a Detroit Lions fan.

“I can’t really imagine betting against New England, but I’d like to see the Falcons beat them,” said Young. “New England is so easy to hate, but you have to respect how good they are.”


Rank Player Name AmountPoints
1 Jordan Young $117,3811,700
2 Ankush Mandavia $107,3811,500
3 Chris Moon $63,3421,400
4 Jordan Cristos $46,9961,300
5 Patrick Gunraj $35,4171,200
6 Jason Vanstrom $26,5631,100
7 Michael Vanier $20,4331,000
8 Mark Hamilton $16,346900
9 Gary Bolden $12,260800
10 Joseph Alban $10,217700
11 Raymond Speck $10,217700
12 Steve Jewell $10,217700
13 Alan Snow $8,173600
14 Jeff Tanouye $8,173600
15 Nicholas Marchitti $8,173600
16 Franck Boyer $6,811500
17 Stephen Schumacher $6,811500
18 Michael Haas $6,811500
19 Timothy Vu $5,857400
20 Nick Quraishi $5,857400
21 Rocky Bowers $5,857400
22 Joseph Phanhyaseng $4,904400
23 Jason Seitz $4,904400
24 Terry Fleischer $4,904400
25 Mark Darner $3,950400
26 Tom Bouziden $3,950400
27 Rory Brown $3,950400
28 Brian Gallegos $2,997300
29 James Romero $2,997300
30 Llyod Addie $2,997300
31 Paul Berger $2,997300
32 Bobby Poe $2,997300
33 Ben Perez $2,997300
34 Heinz Kleissner $2,997300
35 Dutch Boyd $2,997300
36 Longsheeng Tan $2,997300
37 Tony Utnage $2,656200
38 Luke Vrabel $2,656200
39 Roy Chang $2,656200
40 Hank Mlekoday $2,656200
41 Rodolphe Rey $2,656200
42 Jeremie Bouchet $2,656200
43 Frankie Flowers $2,656200
44 Daniel Rodriguez $2,656200
45 Mike Ferguson $2,656200
46 Jason Rogers $2,520100
47 Jason Kim $2,520100
48 Eric Baldwin $2,520100
49 Chris Coupal $2,520100
50 Julio Novo $2,520100
51 Paul DiStefano $2,520100
52 Derrick Mokedi $2,520100
53 Mike Harvey $2,520100
54 Darren Rabinowitz $2,520100
55 Lily Kiletto $2,38450
56 Daniel James $2,38450
57 Tuan Phan $2,38450
58 Artem Zverkhovskyy $2,38450
59 Anthony Spinella $2,38450
60 Matt Gambino $2,38450
61 Marc Bernal $2,38450
62 Ben Palmer $2,38450
63 Dustin Smith $2,38450
64 Hani Awad $2,24850
65 Edward Duncan $2,24850
66 Jeff Sluzinski $2,24850
67 Matt Scieszka $2,24850
68 Bill Croft $2,24850
69 Paul Vacchio $2,24850
70 Georgios Antoniou $2,24850
71 Chris Staats $2,24850
72 Griff Woodman $2,24850

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