Running Aces Harness Park: February 16 - 20, 2011

Jason Seitz wins MSPT Running Aces, $56,295
Five years after winning his first major title, Seitz is back on top
Seitz won the Heartland Poker Tour Mille Lacs event in February, 2006 earning $47,005. Exactly five years later Seitz is back on top.
Seitz outlasted the largest Minnesota State Poker Tour field to date – 201 entrants – to earn $56,295 and the coveted RF Moeller Championship diamond bracelet.
Winning the title was no easy task. There were three former MSPT champions in the final twelve.
As two of the top chip stacks remaining, Season 1, Event 5 - MSPT Hinckley Champion Matt Hyland and Season 1, Event 1- MSPT Mille Lacs Champion Jeremy Dresch went toe-to-toe. Dresch came out on top eliminating Hyland in 12th place.
2010 defending MSPT Running Aces Champion Joe Matheson made another deep run before being busted by Seitz in 3rd, almost doing the improbable by repeating.
Seitz is a gas station owner and often travels to deal large tournaments such as the World Series of Poker and the Chicago Open. This past year he spent two months in Vegas dealing and playing cash games.
Seitz prefers to play smaller cash games and tournaments but tries to play the large ones when he can. “I didn’t have any time to try to satellite in this week.” Seitz said. “But I didn’t want to miss the MSPT so I just direct-bought.”
The summer prior to winning the HPT event in ‘06, Seitz went deep in the $10K WSOP Main Event, earning $16K.


Rank Player Name AmountPoints
1 Jason Seitz $56,2951,200
2 Jeremy Dresch $27,7601,000
3 Joe Matheson $17,470900
4 Hank Mlekoday $13,585800
5 Bob Beedle $11,650700
6 Sam De Silva $8,735600
7 David Mandt $7,570500
8 Dan Shogren $6,600400
9 Tim Mieczkowski $5,435300
10 Rob WazWaz $4,465200
11 Jim Erickson $3,885200
12 Matt Hyland $3,400200
13 Mat Hart $2,910150
14 Matt Christensen $2,425150
15 Ken Cary $2,135150
16 Jay Philips $1,945100
17 Curt Freese $1,945100
18 Rocky Wylie $1,945100
19 Michael Tester $1,75050
20 Dan Serie $1,75050
21 Al Giardina $1,75050
22 Edward Janezich $1,55050
23 Andrew Karon $1,55050
24 Mark Sandness $1,55050
25 Alan Curl $1,35550
26 Paul Pederson $1,35550
27 Robert Meshbesher $1,35550

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