Belle of Baton Rouge: November 15 - 23, 2014


The Belle of Baton Rouge - Baton Rouge, LA

November 15-23, 2014

Main Event: 115 Entrants

Jeff Quin Wins MSPT The Belle of Baton Rouge, $33,640

Jeff Quin defeated a field of 115 runners to capture the $33,640 at Mid-States Poker Tour Belle of Baton Rouge. The Louisiana native navigated through a Day 2 field that included notable names Adam Friedman and Corrie Wunstel on his way to the prize at the tour's second stop in the South this year.

Twenty-four runners began Day 2, and 18 would head home with heavier pockets. Quin put his stack at risk early and he got off to a nice start when he shoved 5♥5♣ over a raise from Friedman and was called by Adam Simoneaux in the blinds, who had A♥K♣. Quin's pair stood unimproved on the 2♠8♥Q♥7♥Q♣ run out, and he was in business with 30 big blinds. Just before the bubble burst, Quin doubled up again when he called Friedman's shove on a 4♦6♠K♦ flop and with A♠K♠ and held against 9♦5♦. 

Remaining players were assured of payouts when Adam Lamphere bubbled out in brutal fashion, losing with A♥A♦ all in preflop against Wunstel's 8♥8♠ when the latter hit a set on the river.

Friedman, who entered the day as the overwhelming chip leader, was eliminated in 14th after a steady decline saw him shove his last 78,000 in with K♥Q♠ and run into Rufus Yates' A♣Q♣. Wunstel was also a casualty on the way to the final table, bluffing his way out in 12th to leave a mostly anonymous final 10 after the elimination of Wade Smith.

Quin had a sizable lead when the players returned from break, and he busted Josh Mancuso in 10th right away. Mihail Karasoulis and Krista Lowery followed in ninth and eighth, respectively, and Quin continued to increase his lead, holding about a quarter of the chips in play seven-handed. 

During Level 21 (6,000/12,000/2,000), things really got rolling starting with the elimination of Frank Alpandinar in seventh. Quin then got dealt a big hand at the right time, as he picked up when Rufus Yates shoved all in with 9♥9♣. A set on the flop and a brick on the turn was all she wrote for Yates, and Quin claimed another victim moments later when Broderick Scott jammed 4♦4♠ and couldn't hold against Quin's A♦10♦. 

With half of the chips in play four-handed, Quin strengthened his lead by calling the shove of David Chocheles with A♦6♠ and flopping a six against A♣3♣. 

Randy Landry was the next to send his stack to Quin when he shipped about 250,000 on the button with , only to have the chip leader wake up with 9♠9♣ in the blinds. A clean run out later, heads-up play began with Quin holding a laughably massive chip lead. It was all over in two hands, as the Ax6x came up big again for Quin when he made quads all in preflop against Day 1a leader Garrett Theriot's 3♦3♥.

With another champion crowned, the MSPT will take a few weeks off before firing up the final event of the season at Canterbury in Minnesota. PokerNews will be handling the live reporting once again, so we'll see you then.



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