Awarded to date

Day 1C Golden Gates $360 Regional


Day 1C of the MSPT Golden Gates $360 Regional garnered an astounding 352 runners, which when combined with the 234 from Day 1A and 262 from Day 1B, gave us 848 entries, the third consecutive Regional here with over 800 entries! When the dust settled after sixteen levels of play, 55 remained to join the 66 from the first two starting days in making it to tomorrow’s Day 2. The day’s chip leader was Gerald Morrell (pictured), who worked his way through the large field and bagged up 438,000, with Danny Gonzales (305,000) and Nick Marchitti (265,000) rounding out the top 3.

Other players that punched their Day 2 ticket include Griffin Malatino (195,000) and “Money” Mike Maruna (119,000). Those that failed to make it to Day 2 include Travis Northrope, Greg Geller, and Hung Nguyen.

The following players all will be back Sunday at 11am MST, joining the other 66 and playing down to a winner. (Don’t forget to set your clocks back an hour for Daylight Saving Time!) Be sure to follow the action on Facebook and Twitter!

Name City/State Count
Gerald Morrell Reno, NV 438,000
Danny Gonzales Denver, CO 305,000
Nick Marchitti Lakewood, CO 265,000
Paul Holder Crested Butte, CO 247,000
Connie Bruce Longmont, CO 237,000
Craig Varnell Aurora, CO 225,000
Fred Mantei Parker, CO 224,500
Kiran Kodali Northglenn, CO 217,000
Michael Himelstein Denver, CO 216,500
Eduardo Alvarado Denver, CO 212,500
Derek Myers Loveland, CO 199,000
Griffin Malatino Denver, CO 195,000
Kevin Kurtz Denver, CO 179,000
Alex Six Denver, CO 158,000
Karen Novotny Lakewood, CO 150,500
Dave Mittleman Westminster, CO 147,500
Jay Daignault Denver, CO 144,500
Benjamin Jensen Golden, CO 142,000
James Eads Colorado Springs, CO 141,500
Chris Womack Westminster, CO 138,500
Clay Tauche Colorado Springs, CO 138,000
William Black Cheyenne, WY 136,500
Roeman Warner Wheatridge, CO 133,500
Steve Rule Denver, CO 132,000
David Pollak Bamut, VT 132,000
Philip Jett Thornton, CO 122,000
David Stratton Divide, CO 122,000
Mike Maruna Colorado Springs, CO 119,000
Jason Neal Chicago, IL 119,000
Dan Daugherty Evergreen, CO 112,500
Mike Bohnhoff Evans, CO 109,500
Mitchell Lekarczyk Denver, CO 107,500
David Lang Highlands Ranch, CO 104,500
Jerome Ausec Colorado Springs, CO 93,500
Jack Kennedy Black Hawk, CO 92,500
Steven Olds Breckenridge, CO 86,500
Surya Ramjali Denver, CO 77,500
Carl Weber Greeley, CO 75,500
Karim Abuzar Denver, CO 75,000
Ryan Simoneau Milliken, CO 73,500
Tony Steigerwald Highlands Ranch, CO 70,500
Mike Hassab Avon, CO 70,000
Ryan Trump Aurora, CO 65,000
William Sadler Aurora, CO 62,500
Haj Sandhu Parker, CO 59,000
Melody Hendricks Grand Junction, CO 59,000
Suzy Thompson Lakewood, CO 55,500
Jerry Nelner Calgary, CN 54,000
Svetlana Martie Lakewood, CO 48,500
Shane Faulk Parker, CO 46,500
Kenneth Mann Colorado Springs, CO 43,500
Josh Beechum Hudson, CO 43,500
Ted Ramos Caspers, CO 31,500
Dennis Pollock Grand Junction, CO 17,000
Will Yarosh Aurora, CO 4,500