Tropicana Evansville: August 16 - 24, 2014


Tropicana Evansville - Evansville, IN

August 22-24, 2014

Main Event: 225 Entrants

Charlie Dawson Wins MSPT Tropicana Evansville, $60,527

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Late on Day 1b of the 2014 Mid-States Poker Tour Tropicana Evansville, Charlie Dawson was all in on his second and final bullet with the QQ against an opponent's AA.

"I'm due a queen," he said with confidence.

Just as he called for, Dawson spiked the Q on the river to survive, and about 48 hours later he finished as the last player standing from a field of 225, claiming a first-place prize of $60,527 and an MSPT title. The Kentucky native was one of the more experienced players in the field, with $327,166 in cashes coming into this tournament dating back to 2005, and the win ranks as his second-biggest score.

He defeated Alex Yen in a short heads-up match. Dawson limped the button with the AK and then snapped off Yen's shove with the A5. The board came K9310A, shipping Dawson the pot and the tournament with aces up.

Forty-three players took seats to begin Day 2, and arguably the three most feared players left in the field fell before the money. Adam Friedman, newly-sponsored tour pro Kou Vang, and Eric Crain all walked out the door empty-handed. After the elimination of John McMillan on the bubble, Day 1b leader Brian Oberst, Day 1a leader Michael Hahn, Joshua "JT" Turner, Greg Wilson, and Crystal Utley were among those walking away with payout tickets.

When Utley's husband, John Utley, put his stack in with top pair and a flush draw on the turn and failed to improve against Dale Sudduth's top pair, the final table was set.

Byron Hubert came in very short, and despite an early double up, he still went out first. Evan Niemeier was next when he tried four-betting pocket deuces and lost to Yen's tens, and John Hoover sent his short stack to Yen as well to bust in eighth. Yen's streak continued as he busted Nicholas Pupillo in seventh with the AK against the AQ.

One of the more accomplished final tablists, George Lusby, successfully nursed a short stack to a sixth-place finish, and that's when he jammed the 64 from the small blind and ran into the AK of Dawson. He added to a career tally of nearly $400,000 in cashes. After Rory Monahan bowed out in fifth, more than two hours of four-handed play commenced.

Yen appeared to be on cruise control when he had more than half of the chips in play at one point. Then, the turning of the tide began with Dawson doubling up with the KJ against Yen's K10. A few minutes later, Yen opened for 125,000 on the button, and Dawson made it 275,000 in the big blind. Yen moved all in, and Dawson snap-called. A disappointed-looking Yen showed the 1010, and Dawson indeed had a dominating QQ. Nothing materialized for Yen on the 362J9 board, and Yen sent 1,225,000 to his foe.

Dawson then bounced short stacks Drake Espenlaub in fourth and Sudduth in third to set up the heads-up match with Yen, which Dawson began with about two-thirds of the total chips. He rolled his advantage to a win in less than 30 minutes, and that was that.

That concludes another fine MSPT event, and thanks for tuning in to the coverage here on PokerNews. Next up on the tour will be the Potawatomi Casino event, taking place Friday, September 5 through Sunday, September 7.


Rank Player Name City State AmountPoints
1 Charles Dawson Owensboro KY $60,5271,200
2 Alexander Yen Lisle IL $35,6681,000
3 Anthony Sudduth Loogootee IN $20,531900
4 Drake Espenlaub Evansville IN $16,645800
5 Rory Monahan Carbondale IL $12,970700
6 George Lusby Georgetown KY $10,808600
7 Nicholas Pupillo Addison IL $8,647500
8 John Hoover Evansville IN $6,485400
9 Evan Niemeier Evansville IN $4,323300
10 Byron Hubert Leopold IN $2,810200
11 John Utley Morganfield KY $2,810200
12 Robbie Frank Evansville IN $2,810200
13 Lisa Phillips Vincennes IN $2,378150
14 Josh Turner St. Louis MO $2,378150
15 Michael Hahn Carmel IN $2,378150
16 Joseph Leisure St. Louis MO $2,162100
17 Crystal Utley Morganfield KY $2,162100
18 David Hobbs Evansville IN $2,162100
19 Weston Berner Marshall IL $1,94650
20 Terry Moore Muncie IN $1,94650
21 Michael Sumner Harrisburg IL $1,94650
22 Ricky Stinson Corydon KY $1,94650
23 Sheila Gallagher Pelham TN $1,94650
24 Brian Oberst Newburch IN $1,94650
25 Greg Wilson Streamwood IL $1,94650
26 Chris Hale Owensboro KY $1,94650
27 Steve Galey Petersburg IN $1,94650

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