FireKeepers Casino: October 10 - 18, 2015


FireKeepers Casino - Battle Creek, MI

October 15-18, 2015

Main Event: 559 Entrants

Michael Ferrarotti Wins MSPT FireKeepers Casino, $134,642!

Watch the full final table video (large file, may take a few minutes to load)

Michael Ferraroti, originally from Redford, Michigan, says he is mostly a cash game player and that he only started playing tournaments in 2014, with the exception of possibly one tournament in 2013.

"My wife would always ask me, why don't you ever do well in tournaments?" he said. "I told her that I don't play very many, but after that I figured I could focus more on getting better at tournaments."

Ferrarotti took down the first prize of $134,642 when he topped a field of 559 entries in the 2015 Mid-States Poker Tour FireKeepers Casino Main Event — otherwise known as the 2015 MSPT Michigan State Poker Championship — and it seems like his focus has paid off. But it wasn't all smooth sailing. As Ferrarotti put it, he spent a lot of time over the two days of the tournament "surviving."

"I had 20,000 chips for like four hours," he said. "But I'm a champion now. No one can take that away from me."

Ferrarotti came into the final table second in chips and seemed to stay out of the way while Bill Rogers knocked out four of the final table players. Ferrarotti says he was in for two buy-ins in the MSPT Michigan State Poker Championship and that this is his fourth MSPT event. He mainly plays cash games in Detroit.

Early on Day 1a, Ferrarotti was all in and won a race for his tournament life. The player from the under-the-gun position raised to 3,000 and Ferrarotti reraised all in for his last 11,525. The under-the-gun player called and showed the A♣K♣. Ferrarotti showed the 9♣9♠. The board ran out 4♦2♠J♠4♠5♦, and Ferrarotti doubled up.

After "surviving" for two days, Ferrarotti made a run at the right time. Plus, it also doesn't hurt to river a full house in the final hand to win the title and $134,642.

That will do it from the MSPT Michigan State Poker Championship. Congratulations to all the winners, but especially to the champion, Michael Ferrarotti.

The next MSPT champ will be crowned at Meskwaki Casino in Tama, Iowa, in November. The $1,110 Main Event takes place from Nov. 6-8, and you can find more information at


Rank Player Name City State AmountPoints
1 Michael Ferrarotti Livonia MI $134,6421,600
2 Bill Rogers Midland MI $75,7031,400
3 Michael Ermie Perrysburg OH $48,6661,300
4 Linda Callear Morley MI $38,6621,200
5 Santiago Vila Kalamazoo MI $30,2811,100
6 Jason Smith (MI) Ferndale MI $24,8741,000
7 Jefferson Lasecki Chicago IL $19,737900
8 Adam Lamphere Lansing MI $15,411800
9 Tongen Zhang Toledo OH $10,815700
10 Doug Bowersock Fort Wayne IN $7,029600
11 Timothy Greiner Rockford MI $7,029600
12 Abhishek Yerra Franklin TN $7,029600
13 Heath Muzslay Kalamazoo MI $5,407500
14 Ryan Hoffman Canton MI $5,407500
15 Andrew Korby Novi MI $5,407500
16 Imari Love Ann Arbor MI $4,055400
17 Steven Williams Novi MI $4,055400
18 David Mclaughlin Muskegon MI $4,055400
19 Patrick Steele Chelsea MI $2,974300
20 Robert Blumenfeld Farmington Hills MI $2,974300
21 Nicholas Pupillo Addison IL $2,974300
22 David Wasson Union City IN $2,974300
23 Dash Dudley Lansing MI $2,974300
24 Carmino Argiero Grass Lake MI $2,974300
25 Gus Vergos Shelby Township MI $2,974300
26 Robert Dillon Battle Creek MI $2,974300
27 Abbas Namazi San Pedro CA $2,974300
28 Michael Ross Chicago IL $2,704200
29 Calvin Leeps Flint MI $2,704200
30 George Janssen Bad Axe MI $2,704200
31 Dylan Thomassie Las Vegas NV $2,704200
32 Dennis Shute Grand Blanc MI $2,704200
33 Michael Deis Ann Arbor MI $2,704200
34 Phil Wojtuniecki Trenton MI $2,704200
35 Jason Zarlenga Lansing MI $2,704200
36 Douglas Suffel Ste Marie, Ontario, Canada $2,704200
37 Bryan Gwin Battle Creek MI $2,433100
38 Justin Nagle Clinton Township MI $2,433100
39 Brandon Carswell Sioux Falls SD $2,433100
40 Chris Moon Sterling Heights MI $2,433100
41 Jonathan Demars Northville MI $2,433100
42 Ayed Shweihat Clawson MI $2,433100
43 David Austin Alma MI $2,433100
44 Ryan Terpstra Grand Rapids MI $2,433100
45 Paul Welke Ypsilanti MI $2,433100
46 Mark Garrod Lansing MI $2,16350
47 Dan Laduke Detroit MI $2,16350
48 Scott Hammett Chelsea MI $2,16350
49 Scott Pio Schoolcraft MI $2,16350
50 Mark Morris Grand Haven MI $2,16350
51 Greg Semer Pioneer OH $2,16350
52 Jim Hettich Olivet MI $2,16350
53 Mike Williams Sylvania OH $2,16350
54 Larry Baxter Parma MI $2,16350

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