bestbet: January 19 - 22, 2017


bestbet - Jacksonville, FL

January 19-22, 2017

$350 Regional Event: 561 Entrants

Mick Robilotto Wins $350 MSPT Regional at bestbet Jacksonville, $26,814!

Watch the full final table video (large file, may take a few minutes to load)

The second Regional Event of the Mid-States Poker Tour (MSPT) Season 8, and the 15th ever held, took place at bestbet Jacksonville January 19-22. The event drew 561 runners, which surpassed the $100,000 advertised guarantee by creating a $168,300 prize pool.

After one of the most unique final tables in MSPT history, the final four players struck a deal that saw them each lock up $19,000 with $7,814 and the title to play for. After numerous chip lead changes, two outers, and a few coolers, it was 37-year-old local player Michael “Mick” Robilotto of Fernandina Beach, Florida who emerged victorious to take home $26,814.

“It’s exciting,” Robilotto said after the win. “We made a deal but there was still a lot of money up at the top, so once I got into shooting distance for the win, I really wanted to get it.”

Joining Robilotto in the final four were Jonathan Cronin, Chris Walker, and Toby Boas. At the time of the deal, Boas seemed to get the best of the bargain as he was down 2-1 in chips compared to the other three players. Still, they managed to come to terms. Despite fourth, third and second places all paying the same, everyone except Robilotto proceeded with caution.

“What difference does it make?” he says when asked about calling off to a three-bet shove from Cronin. “The king-seven was a big hand. I was just gambling; I didn’t think I was ahead. I put 300,000 in, not gonna hold a million back.”

Robilotto managed to win the race against Cronin’s pocket fours, which gave him a big chip lead. After Boas and Walker fell, Robilotto took a massive 30-1 chip lead into heads-up play against Cronin. The man from Savanah, Georgia put up a good fight, but in the end Robilotto’s chip lead proved too much to overcome… it also helped he picked up aces in the final hand.

“This is one of my top three cashes, and I’ve been playing poker a long time,” said Robilotto. “I’ll be playing in the Main Event next week.”

When it comes to bestbet Jacksonville, it’s unwise to bet against Robilotto. In October 2016, he placed 21st in the World Poker Tour Bounty Scramble Main Event for $16,380, and he also made back-to-back final tables in the MSPT bestbet $200 NLHE Prelim event finishing runner-up for $7,472 in Season 6 and seventh for $2,044 in Season 7.

Others who cashed the event were Day 1c chip leader Tan Nguyen (17th – $1,488), Day 1b chip leader Kelley Slay (10th - $2,479), and Day 1a chip leader Bryan Brozman (5th - $6,612). In addition, Brozman was awarded a $1,500 chip leader bonus in his flight, while Kelley and Tan earned $1,000 and $500 respectively. Defending champ Blake Whittington was not in attendance.


Rank Player Name City State AmountPoints
1 Mick Robilotto Fernandina FL $26,814533
2 Jonathan Cronin Savannah GA $19,000467
3 Chris Walker Gainesville FL $19,000433
4 Toby Boas Gainesville FL $19,000400
5 Bryan Brozman Charleston SC $6,612367
6 Josh Smith (SC) Charleston SC $5,785333
7 Jason Bender Keota IA $4,959300
8 Richard Grant Jacksonville FL $4,132267
9 William Braman St. Augustine FL $3,306233
10 Kelley Slay (husband) Jacksonville FL $2,479200
11 Allan Deguino Jacksonville FL $2,149200
12 Kyle Cotton Tallahasse FL $2,149200
13 Lyman Sanford Columbia SC $2,149167
14 Ryan Mallow Jacksonville FL $1,818167
15 David Desorcy Myrtle Beach SC $1,818167
16 Nicholas Leupold Jacksonville FL $1,818133
17 Tan Nguyen Fleming Island FL $1,488133
18 Brandon Adams Macon GA $1,488133
19 Ron Robinson Jacksonville FL $1,488100
20 Edward Leech Columbus GA $1,488100
21 James Brown (WI) Lodi WI $1,157100
22 Eddy Mroczkowski Jacksonville FL $1,157100
23 John O'Neal Jacksonville FL $1,157100
24 Scott Kehr Marpetta GA $1,157100
25 Allan Bardon Charlotte NC $1,157100
26 Rick Boyle Amelia Island FL $1,157100
27 David Damone Concord NC $1,157100
28 Nathan Blankenship Daytona Beach FL $1,15767
29 Willie Lawrence Tallahassee FL $1,15767
30 Chau Chantahou Jacksonville FL $1,15767
31 April Davis Panama City FL $99267
32 William Selsor Charleston SC $99267
33 James Leonard Jacksonville FL $99267
34 Jose Santos Jacksonville FL $99267
35 David Rittenhouse York PA $99267
36 Vincent Caruso Charleston SC $99267
37 Peggy McNally Orlando FL $99233
38 James Johnson (Georgia) Tifton GA $99233
39 Peter Garijanian Senoia GA $99233
40 Chris Arcidiacono Rochester NY $99233
41 Marcus Wuhamel Vero Beach FL $82633
42 Richard Swain Waverls GA $82633
43 William Davis Jacksonville FL $82633
44 Jack Sumner St. Augustine FL $82633
45 Randy Strong Jacksonville FL $82633
46 Carrie Tyree Tallahasse FL $82617
47 Salvatore Gentile Beaufort SC $82617
48 Ewan Leatham Jacksonville FL $82617
49 Tim Forsberg Jacksonville FL $82617
50 Davina Haigh St. Augustine FL $82617
51 Alex Recio West Palm Beach FL $66117
52 Alex Recio West Palm Beach FL $66117
53 Gloria Jackson Jacksonville FL $66117
54 Ryan Emling Jacksonville FL $66117
55 Curtis Hoftyzer Jacksonville FL $66117
56 Joseph Adams Tallahassee FL $66117
57 Mike Wright Somerset KY $66117
58 John Sullivan Jacksonville FL $66117
59 George Zinaty Charlotte NC $66117
60 Todd Staples Alpharetta GA $66117

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