Golden Gates Casino: November 9 - 12, 2017


Golden Gates Casino - Black Hawk, CO

November 9-12, 2017

Main Event: 413 Entries

Jason Beasley Wins 2017 MSPT Denver Poker Open at Golden Gates Casino, $88,134


The 2017 MSPT Denver Poker Open at Golden Gates Casino in Black Hawk, Colorado saw 413 entrants (88 on 1A, 147 1B, and 178 1C) pony up the $1,100 buy-in to compete in the tour’s third-to-last event of the season.

On late Sunday night, 38-year-old roofing salesman and part-time poker player Jason Beasley, originally from Oregon but now residing in Denver, came out on top to win an $88,134 first-place prize.

“I feel good,” said Beasley, who has 19-year-old daughter and helps raise his two-year-old granddaughter. “It’s a little bit different rush from cash games. This is my biggest win. My dad has been a leather-ass grinder for over 40 years. He was watching the live stream back in Oregon.”

The win marked Beasley’s first MSPT cash, though he had $159,358 in tournament winnings before the win. That included a previous best of $66,820 for winning the 2005 Fall Poker Round Up in Pendleton, Oregon.

Day 2 saw 78 players return to action, but only 45 of them would get paid. Among those to leave empty handed were Las Vegas poker pro Tim West, MSPT Season 3 Running Aces champ Rodger Johnson, and MSPT Season 7 Golden Gates Regional winner “Money” Mike Maruna, just to name a few.

After Eric Maier exited as the bubble boy in 46th place, the result of his Big Slick failing to hold against Nils Bardsley’s queen-seven, the in-the-money finishes came quick. They included recent World Series of Poker Circuit Harveys Lake Tahoe Main Event winner Max Young (45th - $2,303), MSPT Golden Gates Regional Champ Gerald Morrell (36th - $2,404), start-of-the-day chip leader Jay Daignault (26th - $2,804), MSPT Season 6 Golden Gates Regional champ Bobby Sanoubane (18th - $4,407), and 2016 MSPT Michigan State Poker Champ Brett Blackwood (11th - $6,410).

At the final table, Andrew Geffen was the first to fall after jamming queen-ten suited smack dab into Cooper Wanty’s aces. Not long after, Nils Bardsley first lost sixes into nines, and then busted in ninth places after running fours into fives.

Bruce Russell followed them out the door in eighth place after flopping trip jacks only to discover he had an inferior kicker to Mike Monetti, and Will Mietz was hot on his heels after getting it in with queens against Monetti’s kings.

From there, Mike Wheeler fell in sixth place when his pocket eights failed to hold against Beasley’s Big Slick, and then Wanty bowed out in fifth after he got his short stack in with six-three suited and failing to get there against Monetti’s queen-deuce.

The elimination of Gerald Cunniff in fourth place, the result of his king-two of spades not improving against Monetti’s ace-seven of spades, and Jon Wurden in third, he missed an open-ended straight draw, set up a heads-up match between Monetti and Beasley.

Monetti started with more chips, but the lead would change hands several times before things came to a head in Level 31 (60,000/120,000/20,000). Long story short, it happened when Monetti flopped an open-ended straight draw and Beasley got sticky with ace-king suited. Monetti bluffed the river, which was an ace, and Beasley picked him off.


Rank Player Name City State AmountPoints
1 Jason Beasley Denver CO $88,1341,500
2 Mike Monetti Littleton CO $54,4831,300
3 Jon Wurden Fisher MN $39,6601,200
4 Gerald Cunniff St. Paul MN $29,2451,100
5 Cooper Wanty Ann Arbor MI $22,0341,000
6 Terry Wheeler Denver CO $16,823900
7 Will Mietz Black Hawk CO $13,220800
8 Bruce Russell Loveland CO $10,416700
9 Nils Bardsley Denver CO $7,612600
10 Andrew Geffen Westminster CO $6,410500
11 Brett Blackwood Ypsilanti MI $6,410500
12 Choi Lau Denver CO $6,410500
13 Benjamin Jensen Golden CO $5,208400
14 Osama Aweida Broomfield CO $5,208400
15 Rick Lehman Billings MT $5,208400
16 Jason Tate Lakewood CO $4,407300
17 Drew Schulz Littleton CO $4,407300
18 Bobby Sanoubane Aurora CO $4,407300
19 Baptiste Chavaillaz Portland OR $3,766200
20 Derrick Knudson Sound Beach NY $3,766200
21 Douglas Kaczmarek Longmont CO $3,766200
22 Richard Trenholme Denver CO $3,245200
23 Richard Seale Boulder CO $3,245200
24 Rosie Paules Torrington WY $3,245200
25 Clayton Wilson Fort Collins CO $2,804200
26 Jay Daignault Denver CO $2,804200
27 Brandon Byrne De Pere WI $2,804200
28 Steve Cahill Centennial CO $2,404100
29 Randy Needens Eaton CO $2,404100
30 Greg Eckler Denver CO $2,404100
31 Ted Ramos Caspers CO $2,404100
32 Steve Pavilanis Broomfield CO $2,404100
33 Daniel Brewer Littleton CO $2,404100
34 Carlos Tucker Colorado Springs CO $2,404100
35 Norman Straughn Westminster CO $2,404100
36 Gerald Morrell Reno NV $2,404100
37 Jason Su Houston TX $2,20350
38 Steve Abramowitz Boulder CO $2,20350
39 Danny Gonzales Westminster CO $2,20350
40 Jordan Turoff Lafayette CO $2,20350
41 Brad Gordon Parker CO $2,20350
42 Sergio Sanchez Denver CO $2,20350
43 Robert Gottfried Frisco CO $2,20350
44 Andreas Ramadanis Denver CO $2,20350
45 Max Young Seaside OR $2,20350

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