Diamond Jo Casino: April 6 - 10, 2011


On April 6-10, the Minnesota State Poker Tour crossed the border for the first time making a stop at Diamond Jo Casino in Northwood, Iowa for Season 2, Event 2.

Many MSPT faithful made the drive south on 35, not only to partake in a great tournament structure but also for the rare opportunity to play live craps and no limit hold ‘em cash games, both available in Iowa.

After the Main Event dust settled, a 22-year-old college student named Jarod Ludemann was the last man standing.

Apparently Ludemann can foresee the future as he has displayed this skill on more than one occasion. He actually took the semester off from school to play poker. That vision earned him just shy of $30K!

That’s just one example.

On Day 1 of the Main Event, Ludemann had that feeling again. Fittingly, he was sitting in Seat 7, his lucky number.

“My favorite hand has always been two sevens, black sevens,” Ludemann said. “And I had them near the beginning of Day 1 when I was at about eighteen big blinds deep. A guy opened and I shipped in two black sevens. A guy behind me woke up with two kings. I told the dealer to put two sevens out on the flop. I’ve flopped quads with that hand four times.”

Just seconds before the flop Ludemann declared, “Here comes quads!”

Low and behold the dealer flopped two-sevens, crushing his opponents’ pocket kings. The table erupted!

Despite Ludemann’s young age and only a couple major tournaments under his belt, Jarod was extremely composed and kept pressure on all players with relentl


Rank Player Name AmountPoints
1 Jarod Ludemann $29,9731,000
2 Nathan Fair $14,987800
3 Dan Favreau $9,991700
4 Brian Zekus $7,493600
5 Mark Sandness $5,995500
6 Derek Bogenschutz $4,496400
7 Tony Stenvig $3,996300
8 Antonio Silva $3,397200
9 Scott Heiligman $1,797100
10 Dan Hendrickson $2,29875
11 Thomas Sharp $2,29875
12 Peter Miller $2,29875
13 Matt Leshovsky $1,79850
14 Steve Goodrich $1,79850
15 Greg Lassard $1,79850
16 Bryan Mileski $1,49950
17 Bill Maxwell $1,49950
18 Jason Seitz $1,49950

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