Canterbury Park: April 21 - 29, 2018

Level:14   Blinds: 1200 / 2400   Ante:400

Day 1B of the latest MSPT $1,100 Main Event at Canterbury Park drew 267 entries, which along with 1A’s 259 brought the total field up to 526 runners. That not only made it the largest MSPT ever held at the venue in 16 stops, but also became the largest major poker tournament ($1K+ buy-in) in Minnesota history.

The top 54 players will get paid a minimum of $2,289 while the eventual winner will walk away with a $109,375 first-place prize.

The man best positioned to make a run at it, at least from the 1B flight, is Eric Hehr, who bagged the lead among the 53 survivors with 262,000. That is behind Day 1A chip leader Carl Carodenuto, a three-time MSPT champ who advanced Friday night with 299,000.

Others to bag big stacks on 1B were Curtis Anderson (245,500), Cody Espeseth (226,500), and last April’s MSPT Canterbury Park champ Mark Wadekamper (212,000).

Others advancing were Colorado’s Sammy Aweida (155,500), two-time champ Blake Bohn (135,500), MSPT Season 2 Northern Lights champ Tom Stambaugh (126,500), MSPT Season 6 Canterbury Park champ Dan “DQ” Hendrickson (118,500), 2016 MN Poker Mag POY Saad Ghanem (82,000), and two-time champ Jeremy Dresch (73,000).

Not everyone was fortunate enough to find a bag. The UCCS Mountain Lion Poker Club, who traveled from Colorado, had four players in action but Alastair “alastaira” Armstrong, Austin “128beems” Thibaudeau, and Bill “chillbill5” Pandolph all hit the rail. That left Justin Cole (76,500) as the only one to make it to Day 2.

Likewise, Ahmed Taleb (MSPT Season 8 Grand Falls), David Gonia (MSPT Season 4 Running Aces), Joe Matheson (MSPT Season 1 Running Aces), Paul Cross (MSPT Season 8 Canterbury Park Regional), and Max Young (MSPT Season 9 Golden Gates) were among the former MSPT champs to fall. Three-time World Series of Poker bracelet winner Dutch Boyd, MSPT Season 7 Player of the Year Rich Alsup, and WPTDeepStacks champ Jeff Fielder were also among the 1B casualties.

Cards will be in the air at 11 a.m. on Sunday and the returning 94 players (41 from 1A, 53 1B) players will battle down to a winner. We’ll capture all the action here in the blog, and the final table action will be live streamed when 10 players remain. Be sure to join us Sunday as we bring you all the action and eliminations straight from the floor of Canterbury Park!

Level:14   Blinds: 1200 / 2400   Ante:400
Eric Hehr 262,000
Curtis Anderson 245,500
Cody Espeseth 226,500
Mark Wadekamper 212,000
Thao Lor 195,000
Peyton Smith 185,000
Osama Aweida 155,500
Barbara Sargent 151,500
Marvin Donaldson 150,000
Everett Carlton 137,500
Jeffrey Petronack 136,000
Blake Bohn 135,500
Hugo Dvalle 132,000
Aslan Sahin 127,000
Tom Stambaugh 126,500
Ryan Hartmann 123,000
DJ Buckley 121,000
Alex Winter 120,000
Dan Hendrickson 118,500
Michael Joyce 116,500
Vlad Tkachuk 111,000
James Gander 110,500
Jeff Taylor 106,000
Craig Weckwerth 101,500
Daniel Favreau 95,000
Michael Juszczak 91,000
Michelle Day 85,000
Drew Schulz 84,000
Saad Ghanem 82,000
Larry Beilfuss 81,000
Ed Dillon 77,000
Justin Cole 76,500
Bharathan Pulluvallil 74,500
Jeremy Dresch 73,000
Chris Carlson 72,500
Robert Maier 70,500
Nesbitt Coburn 64,500
John Bertz 57,500
Reg Powell 53,500
Zachary Cheatum 53,000
Ken Auker 52,500
Derek Palmer 52,500
Mike Schneider 44,500
Matthew Hamilton 43,500
Zephaniah Baer 42,500
Shane Stegora 39,000
Christopher Keller (MN) 36,500
Dennis Stevermer 34,000
Kosta Sengos 31,500
Tony Lazar 23,000
Duane Anderson 18,000
Brian Johnson (SD) 17,500
David Rutledge 12,500
Level:14   Blinds: 1200 / 2400   Ante:400

The tournament staff just announced the remaining players will play three more hands before bagging and tagging on Day 1B. Stay tuned for a list of chip counts, a recap of the day’s action, and the Day 2 seat draw.

Level:14   Blinds: 1200 / 2400   Ante:400
Kosta Sengos

David Rutledge opened for 6,000 from middle position and was met by an all-in three-bet for 16,900 from Kosta Sengos in the small blind. Rutledge called and it was off to the races.


Sengos needed to improve to stay alive and he managed to do it on the flop. The turn was safe for Sengos and he shipped the double after the was run out on the river.

Kosta Sengos - 35,000 (15 bb)
David Rutledge - 20,000 (8 bb)

Level:14   Blinds: 1200 / 2400   Ante:400
Tyler Caspers

A short-stacked Tyler Caspers moved all in for his last 6,000 or so from the cutoff and Cody Espeseth isolated with a raise out of the small blind.


Caspers had the inferior ace and things got worse when the flop gave Espeseth two pair. The turn gave Caspers a wheel draw but it didn’t come in as the blanked on the river.

Cody Espeseth - 180,000 (75 bb)
Tyler Caspers - Busted

Level:14   Blinds: 1200 / 2400   Ante:400
Craig McClellan

With roughly 30,000 in the pot and a flop of , Craig McClellan jammed his last 28,000 and two other players before action was on Dan Favreau, who called.


McClellan had the aces but Favreau was drawing to an open-ended straight draw. The turn gave Favreau a couple more outs, and the river gave him a straight.

With that, Favreau cracked aces to send McClellan to the rail.

“You played really well today,” two-time MSPT champ Blake Bohn offered McClellan before he headed for the exit.

Dan Favreau - 115,000 (
Craig McClellan - Busted

Level:14   Blinds: 1200 / 2400   Ante:400

Chip Leader Coaching (CLC), founded in 2016 by WSOP bracelet winners Chance Kornuth and John “KasinoKrime” Beauprez, is a training program geared toward multi-table tournaments (MTTs). The business model is unique in that students don’t pay unless they make money.

CLC has grown to include six coaches including Nick Petrangelo, 2015 WSOP Main Event champ Joe McKeehen, Ryan Leng, Ryan Jones, and Ryan Laplante who oversee more than 40 students. MSPT champ and WSOP bracelet winner Nick Jivkov is also involved in the business side of CLC.

The only way to gauge whether or not a training course works is by results, and in case you haven’t noticed, the CLC team has been putting up some big ones. In February alone, the CLC Squad notched more than $1.4 million in tournament earnings. Amazingly, they combined for $1.45 million in March!

“Our coaches are really mentors who are personally vested in their student’s progression as a player and are willing to connect them with the resources and guidance that drives consistent, long-lasting success in tournament poker,” Beauprez said in an interview with our media partner CardsChat. “Our philosophy is simple. We’re held accountable for the quality of our coaching because instead of asking for a monthly subscription, we take a small percentage of winnings.”

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Level:13   Blinds: 1000 / 2000   Ante:300
Drew Schulz

Everett Carlton raised to 4,500 from UTG+1, and was called by Bridgette Field in the lojack and Drew Schulz in the small blind.

Schulz and Carlton checked a flop to Field, who fired 9,000. Schulz called and Field folded.

The turn and river were quickly checked by both players, and Schulz tabled , leading Field to muck.

Drew Schulz - 60,000 (30 bb)
Bridgette Field - 31,400 (16 bb)

Level:13   Blinds: 1000 / 2000   Ante:300

Level:13   Blinds: 1000 / 2000   Ante:300
Ryan Remington

Action folded to Ryan Remington and he moved all in for 18,700. He’d soon claim it was after looking at one card. Derek Palmer called him from the big blind and the hands were turned up.


Remington was pleasantly surprised his second card was another ace, and the pocket rockets held after the board ran out a clean .

Ryan Remington - 40,000 (20 bb)
Derek Palmer- 105,000 (53 bb)

Player Name City State Country Chip Count Progress
Eric Hehr Minneapolis MN United States 262,000 262,000 
Curtis Anderson Provo UT United States 245,500 245,500 
Cody Espeseth Hopkins MN United States 226,500 226,500 
Mark Wadekamper Lonsdale MN 212,000 212,000 
Thao Lor Minneapolis MN United States 195,000 195,000 
Peyton Smith Eagan MN United States 185,000 185,000 
Osama Aweida Broomfield CO United States 155,500 155,500 
Barbara Sargent Fort Worth TX United States 151,500 151,500 
Marvin Donaldson Kansas City MO United States 150,000 150,000 
Everett Carlton St. Paul MN 137,500 137,500 
Jeff Petronack Hugo MN 136,000 136,000 
Blake Bohn Eden Prairie MN United States 135,500 135,500 
Hugo Dvalle St. Paul MN United States 132,000 132,000 
Aslan Sahin Turkey 127,000 127,000 
Tom Stambaugh Nevis MN 126,500 126,500 
Ryan Hartmann Minneapolis MN United States 123,000 123,000 
DJ Buckley Eden Prairie MN 121,000 121,000 
Alex Winter Roseville MN 120,000 120,000 
Dan Hendrickson Faribault MN United States 118,500 118,500 
Michael Joyce St. Paul MN United States 116,500 116,500 
Vlad Tkachuk Ukraine 111,000 111,000 
James Gander Rochester MN United States 110,500 110,500 
Jeff Taylor Eden Prairie MN 106,000 106,000 
Craig Weckwerth Henderson MN United States 101,500 101,500 
Dan Favreau Montrose MN 95,000 95,000 
Mike Juszczak Zimmerman MN 91,000 91,000 
Michelle Day Prior Lake MN United States 85,000 85,000 
Drew Schulz Littleton CO 84,000 84,000 
Saad Ghanem Bloomington MN 82,000 82,000 
Larry Beilfuss Milwaukee WI 81,000 81,000 
Edward Dillon Eagan MN 77,000 77,000 
Justin Cole Colorado Springs CO 76,500 76,500 
Bharathan Pulluvallil Eagan MN 74,500 74,500 
Jeremy Dresch Fridley MN United States 73,000 73,000 
Chris Carlson (CO) Wheat Ridge CO 72,500 72,500 
Rob Maier Little Canada MN 70,500 70,500 
Nesbitt Coburn Minneapolis MN 64,500 64,500 
John Bertz Iron Ridge WI 57,500 57,500 
Reg Powell Elk River MN 53,500 53,500 
Zach Cheatum Savage MN United States 53,000 53,000 
Ken Auker Rock Island IL 52,500 52,500 
Derek Palmer New Auburn MN 52,500 52,500 
Mike Schneider (MN) Minneapolis MN 44,500 44,500 
Matthew Hamilton Minneapolis MN 43,500 43,500 
Zephaniah Baer St. Paul MN 42,500 42,500 
Shane Stegora Hillman MN United States 39,000 39,000 
Christopher Keller (MN) Andover MN United States 36,500 36,500 
Dennis Stevermer St. Paul MN 34,000 34,000 
Kosta Sengos Sioux Falls SD United States 31,500 31,500 
Tony Lazar Plymouth MN 23,000 23,000 
Duane Anderson Wilton MN 18,000 18,000 
Brian Johnson (SD) Rasholt SD 17,500 17,500 
Dave Rutledge Mankato MN 12,500 12,500 
Frank Cerminara Sr Kenosha WI 0 Busted 
Charles Workman Savage MN 0 Busted 
Tyler Caspers Echo MN 0 Busted 
Bob Van Syckle St. Paul MN 0 Busted 
Kurt Bales Cedar Falls IA 0 Busted 
Richard Alsup New Hope MN United States 0 Busted 
Ryan Remington Gillette WY 0 Busted 
Dutch Boyd Las Vegas NV 0 Busted 
Matthew Buhler Sun Prairie WI 0 Busted 
Craig McClellan New Hope MN 0 Busted 
Josh Reichard Janesville WI United States 0 Busted 
Matt Alexander Minneapolis MN 0 Busted 
Tim Garles Des Moines IA 0 Busted 
Robert Wood (MN) Minneapolis MN 0 Busted 
Adam Dahlin Maple Grove MN 0 Busted 
Luke Blindert Sioux Falls SD 0 Busted 
Xong Lee Monticello MN 0 Busted 
Todd Melander Minneapolis MN 0 Busted 
Michael Esquivel Clarendon Hills IL 0 Busted 
Luke Mernin Robbinsdale MN 0 Busted 
Gary Ewald West Fargo ND 0 Busted 
Muneer Ahmed Dassel MN 0 Busted 
Kentraylus Pates Brooklyn Park MN 0 Busted 
Vladimir Revniaga Burnsville MN 0 Busted 
Craig Trost Madison WI 0 Busted 
Max Havlish Coon Rapids MN 0 Busted 
Scotter Clark Marion IA 0 Busted 
Aalok Arora Arden Hills MN 0 Busted 
Max Young Seaside OR 0 Busted 
Mario Hudson St. Paul MN 0 Busted 
George Shabatura Plymouth MN 0 Busted 
Jason Seitz Shakopee MN 0 Busted 
John Alexander Minneapolis MN 0 Busted 
Bill Pandolph Colorado Springs CO United States 0 Busted 
Umut Ozturk Saint Paul MN 0 Busted 
Alex Moua Lake Elmo MN 0 Busted 
Austin Thibaudeau Colorado Springs CO United States 0 Busted 
Koua Her Onalaska WI 0 Busted 
Jay Philips East Bethel MN 0 Busted 
Vic Peppe Corcoran MN 0 Busted 
Joe Matheson Andover MN 0 Busted 
Paul Cross Minneapolis MN 0 Busted 
Jeff Fielder Des Moines IA 0 Busted 
Eric Eelkema Brooklyn Park MN 0 Busted 
David Gonia White Bear Lake MN United States 0 Busted 
David Abramowicz Sunfish Lake MN United States 0 Busted 
Steve Wazwaz Brooklyn Park MN 0 Busted 
Ahmed Taleb Moorhead MN 0 Busted 
Joseph Barnard St. Paul MN 0 Busted 
Brian Berthiaume Cottage Grove MN 0 Busted 
Alastair Armstrong Colorado Springs CO United States 0 Busted 
Rank Player Name City State Country AmountPoints
1 Rob WazWaz Minneapolis MN United States $109,3751,600
2 Blake Bohn Eden Prairie MN United States $67,2031,400
3 Peyton Smith Eagan MN United States $48,4301,300
4 Brian Zupancich Silver Bay MN $36,6281,200
5 Tom Stambaugh Nevis MN $27,4711,100
6 Robert Mitchell Salt Lake City UT United States $20,8581,000
7 Ryan Hartmann Minneapolis MN United States $16,279900
8 Barbara Sargent Fort Worth TX United States $12,718800
9 Vlad Tkachuk Ukraine $9,666700
10 Rob Maier Little Canada MN $7,631600
11 Jonathan Kim (MN) Minneapolis MN United States $7,631600
12 Josh Smith (IA) Bettendorf IA $7,631600
13 Scott Sitron Elk River MN $6,105500
14 Alex Winter Roseville MN $6,105500
15 Eric Hehr Minneapolis MN United States $6,105500
16 Zach Cheatum Savage MN United States $5,087400
17 DJ Buckley Eden Prairie MN $5,087400
18 Drew Schulz Littleton CO $5,087400
19 Michael Joyce St. Paul MN United States $4,629300
20 Steve Houle White Bear Lake MN $4,629300
21 Jeff Petronack Hugo MN $4,629300
22 Kou Vang Maplewood MN United States $3,917200
23 Alan Jeevanathan Chanhassen MN $3,917200
24 Joe Maas Corcoran MN $3,917200
25 Chris Carlson (MN) Minnetonka MN United States $3,408150
26 Justin Cole Colorado Springs CO $3,408150
27 Chris Jones (MN) St. Paul MN United States $3,408150
28 Larry Beilfuss Milwaukee WI $2,747100
29 Nathan Lohmer Stillwater MN $2,747100
30 Chris Meyers Buffalo NY United States $2,747100
31 James Wilson Minneapolis MN $2,747100
32 John Hayes St. Paul MN United States $2,747100
33 Victor Hoffman Onslow IA $2,747100
34 Chris Keller (ND) Bismarck ND $2,747100
35 Osama Aweida Broomfield CO United States $2,747100
36 Dan Favreau Montrose MN $2,747100
37 Jason Sell Plymouth MN $2,49375
38 Hugo Dvalle St. Paul MN United States $2,49375
39 Michelle Day Prior Lake MN United States $2,49375
40 Aslan Sahin Turkey $2,49375
41 Matthew Hamilton Minneapolis MN $2,49375
42 Thao Thiem Robbinsdale MN $2,49375
43 Mark Wadekamper Lonsdale MN $2,49375
44 Jeff Taylor Eden Prairie MN $2,49375
45 Aaron Johnson Red Wing MN United States $2,49375
46 Steve Jungmann Libertyville IL $2,28950
47 Reg Powell Elk River MN $2,28950
48 Bharathan Pulluvallil Eagan MN $2,28950
49 Adam Frank St. Cloud MN United States $2,28950
50 Curtis Anderson Provo UT United States $2,28950
51 Dan Hendrickson Faribault MN United States $2,28950
52 Marvin Donaldson Kansas City MO United States $2,28950
53 Donovan Gilbert Brooklyn Park MN $2,28950
54 Cody Espeseth Hopkins MN United States $2,28950


Level Info
Level 14
Blinds 1,200 / 2,400
Ante 400
Players Info
Entries 267
Players Remaining 53
Average Chip Stack 100,754
Total Chips 5,340,000
Top 10 Chip Count
Rank Player Name Chip Count
Eric Hehr 262,000
Curtis Anderson 245,500
Cody Espeseth 226,500
Mark Wadekamper 212,000
Thao Lor 195,000
Peyton Smith 185,000
Osama Aweida 155,500
Barbara Sargent 151,500
Marvin Donaldson 150,000
10  Everett Carlton 137,500
Season Top 10 POY Points
Rank Player Name Points
Aaron Johnson 5,117
Blake Bohn 4,400
Kou Vang 3,900
Alex Winter 3,650
Richard Alsup 3,100
Greg Himmelbrand 2,750
Osama Aweida 2,600
Adam Friedman 2,350
Pavel Plesuv 2,250
10  David Levine 2,200
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