Canterbury Park: April 21 - 29, 2018

Level:29   Blinds: 40000 / 80000   Ante:10000

The second MSPT Season 9 $1,100 Main Event at Canterbury Park drew a record 526 entries (259 on Day 1A, 267 on 1B), which not only made it the largest MSPT ever held at the venue in 16 stops, but also became the largest major poker tournament ($1K+ buy-in) in Minnesota history.

Fittingly, the title came down to two legends in the Minnesota poker community in 40-year-old Rob Wazwaz and the state’s all-time money leader Blake Bohn. Wazwaz was making his record ninth MSPT final table, and after many close calls – he finished fourth in the same event back in December and placed second in a Season 8 stop at Running Aces – he finally managed to claim an MSPT title, this one good for $109,375.

“My favorite tournament I’ve ever won is this one right now, best honor ever,” Wazwaz said after the win. “Being 0-8 on the MSPT, knowing I didn’t play the ones right back then, that I wasn’t as good back then. I should’ve done better.”

He continued: “The cards I picked up were amazing, obviously I ran really hot, but I really tried hard to win this one because I couldn’t stand that I’d never won an MSPT, I just couldn’t stand it. I had to add it to my résumé, I felt it was incomplete, all the MSPT I had played without winning.”

Prior to the win, Wazwaz had $174,209 in lifetime MSPT earnings, but he now has $283,584, which puts him 10th on the MSPT all-time money list. It was just the latest win for Wazwaz, who has nearly $1.3 million in lifetime earnings. Earlier this month, he won Running Aces’ Spring Poker Classic $500 Main Event for $32,268, and last May took down the HPT Chicago for $173,385.

Final Table Results
1st Rob Wazwaz (Minneapolis, MN) $109,375
2nd Blake Bohn (Eden Prairie, MN) $67,203
3rd Peyton Smith (Egan, MN) $48,430
4th Brian Zupancich (Silver Bay, MN) $36,628
5th Tom Stambaugh (Nevis, MN) $27,471
6th Robert Mitchell (Salt Lake City, UT) $20,858
7th Ryan Hartmann (Minneapolis, MN) $16,279
8th Barbara Sargent (Fort Worth, TX) $12,718
9th Vlad Tkachuk (Ukraine) $9,666
10th Rob Maier (Little Canada, MN) $7,631

Day 2 saw 94 players return to action and 40 of them left empty-handed before the money was made. Among those to bust early were 2017 Fall Poker Classic champ Dennis Stevermer, Minnesota Poker Hall of Famer Mike “Schneids” Schneider, two-time MSPT champ Jeremy Dresch, start-of-the-day chip leader Carl Carodenuto, and bubble boy Steve Alonso, who got it in with ace-jack against king-jack only to see a king spike on the river.

From there, the in-the-money finishes came quick and included former champ Jon Kim (11th - $7,631), UCCS Mountain Lion Poker Club member Justin Cole (26th - $3,408), Kimo Sabe Mezcal MSPT Season 8 POY Chris Meyers (30th - $2,747), two-time MSPT champ Johnny Hayes (32nd - $2,747), MSPT Season 8 Canterbury Park champ Mark Wadekamper (43rd - $2,493), and Aaron Johnson (45th - $2,493), who added 75 points to his current Player of the Year lead.

Another player to cash was Kou Vang, who finished in 22nd place for $3,917. It marked the 24th MSPT cash of his career and put him just one away from becoming the first player inducted into the MSPT Hall of Fame, which requires “a minimum of 25 MSPT Main Event Cashes and 1 MSPT Win or 1 MSPT Player of the Year” and “a minimum of 10 MSPT Main Event Final Tables and 1 MSPT Win or 1 MSPT Player of the Year.” Vang won the MSPT Season 2 Canterbury Park for $64,645.

Final Table Action

The final table began with four players over seven figures and the rest shorter. That made for some interesting table dynamics and a lot of action.

Rob Maier was the first to fall after getting his short stack in with the and failing to win a race against Bohn’s . Not long after, 18-year-old high school student and top-ranked Minnesota chess player Peyton Smith scored a double elimination when he called two all-ins holding the . Vlad Tkachuk had he and Barbara Sargent the , but neither were able to crack the nines after a run out.

Wazwaz then put a bad beat on Ryan Hartmann, who was at his fifth MSPT final table. Hartmann got it in with the against the of Wazwaz, but a flop sent him out the door in seventh place for $16,279.

The short-stacked Robert Mitchell then took his leave in six place, and MSPT Season 2 Northern Lights champ Tom Stambaugh followed him out the door in fifth. It happened when Stambaugh jammed his last 10 big blinds with the and got called by Smith’s . The board came and that was all she wrote for Stambaugh.

Brian Zupanchich, who was making his first final table appearance after playing the tour for the better part of seven years, then ran his pocket eights smack dab into Wazwaz’s aces to fall in fourth place for $36,628.

The final three players all had a lot of chips, but Wazwaz pulled away when he and Smith clashed. The former had pocket kings and the latter Big Slick. Wazwaz just called a three-bet and a bet on the flop before jamming over the top of a big turn bet for Smith, who was forced to fold. Wazwaz then finished off Smith with the against the wunderkind’s . The board ran out and Smith missed to bust in third place for $48,430.

Heads-up play was a short affair given Wazwaz’s insurmountable chip lead. Eventually, he jammed the button with the and Bohn called off with the . The board ran out and Bohn had to settle for second place and $67,203.

That brought Bohn’s MSPT lifetime earnings up to $373,270, second only to MSPT Venetian champ Nader Kakhmazov’s $395,888.

“He’s the best,” Wazwaz said of Bohn. “It was akin to defeating a great athlete. In all fairness, I caught way better cards than Blake. I owe it all to Blake for buying me drinks. First time of all my MSPT final tables I’ve ever drank. I knew when he offered I had to change it up and here I am.”

Season 9 of the MSPT continues this weekend with a $350 Regional Event at Grand Falls Casino, which is situated just outside Sioux Falls, South Dakota. The MSPT will return to Canterbury Park in August for a $350 Regional Event, the same tournament last year that set the record for largest poker tournament by attendance (1,169 entries) in Minnesota history.

Level:29   Blinds: 40000 / 80000   Ante:10000

Rob Wazwaz open-shoved for Blake Bohn’s last million, and Bohn shrugged, then called.


“Keep clean, dealer!” Wazwaz said before the was in fact, clean for Wazwaz.

The on the turn had Bohn say, “Eight, nine, five or king!” while Wazwaz said, “Jack or deuce!”

The river was safe, and Wazwaz said, “Finally! One for nine!” Wazwaz wins his first MSPT Title on his ninth final table, while Blake Bohn has to settle for runner-up.

Blake Bohn - Eliminated in 2nd place for $67,203

Level:29   Blinds: 40000 / 80000   Ante:10000
Peyton Smith

Peyton Smith limped the small blind, and Rob Wazwaz raised to 330,000 from the big blind. Smith three-bet shoved for 1.5 million and Wazwaz called.


“Now we really gotta do the Waz Pure!” Wazwaz said after a flop gave Smith a gutshot. The turn was safe for Wazwaz, and the river means that Smith, an eighteen-year-old high school student and future poker prodigy, has to settle for third place in his first MSPT Main Event.

Rob Wazwaz - 9.45 million
Peyton Smith - Eliminated in 3rd place for $48,430

Level:29   Blinds: 40000 / 80000   Ante:10000

Peyton Smith limped from the small blind, then called when Rob Wazwaz raised to 255,000.

Smith checked a flop, then folded to a 225,000 bet from Wazwaz.

Rob Wazwaz - 7.85 million
Peyton Smith - 1.6 million

Level:29   Blinds: 40000 / 80000   Ante:10000

Rob Wazwaz raised to 175,000, and Peyton Smith three-bet to 550,000 from the big blind. Wazwaz called.

Smith bet 450,000 on a flop, and Wazwaz called.

Smith fired 1.1 million on the turn, and Wazwaz jammed to put Smith at risk for his last two million. Smith folded.

Rob Wazwaz - 7 million
Peyton Smith - 2 million

Level:29   Blinds: 40000 / 80000   Ante:10000
Brian Zupancich

Brian Zupancich jammed for 750,000 from the cutoff, and Rob Wazwaz snapped him off in the big blind.


“I can’t use my one time!” Zupancich said upon seeing Wazwaz’s hand.

The flop brought little help for Zupancich, who said, “Throw a nine out there, just for fun.”

The was not a fun card for Zupancich, and the ended his day in fourth.

Rob Wazwaz - 4.6 million
Brian Zupancich - Eliminated in 4th place for $36,628

Level:28   Blinds: 30000 / 60000   Ante:10000

Player NameChip CountPreviousProgress
Peyton Smith41600004025000
Rob WazWaz39050003000000
Blake Bohn17000002715000
Brian Zupancich760000750000

Level:28   Blinds: 30000 / 60000   Ante:10000

The final four players are off on a ten-minute break. Stay tuned for updated chip counts.

Level:28   Blinds: 30000 / 60000   Ante:10000
Tom Stambaugh

Tom Stambaugh jammed his last 545,000 from the hijack, and Peyton Smith looked him up in the cutoff.


Stambaugh paired up on the flop, but as has been a theme at this final table, the turn brought a host of outs for Smith, with a double-gutter and a flush draw in addition to his set outs. The straight came in on a river, and Stambaugh bows out.

Peyton Smith - 4.025 million
Tom Stambaugh - Eliminated in 5th place for $27,471

Level:28   Blinds: 30000 / 60000   Ante:10000
Robert Mitchell

Robert Mitchell jammed for 330,000 from the hijack, and Brian Zupancich called off his last 130,000 on the button.


There was something for everyone after the flop gave Mitchell two pair and Zupancich a pair and a flush draw.

The turn had Zupancich say, “Using my one time right now!”

The one time came in as the river counterfeited Mitchell and Zupancich doubled up.

The next hand, Mitchell got his last 200,000 in with king-nine against Rob Wazwaz’s ace-jack, and Mitchell flopped a nine, but Wazwaz flopped a jack, and Mitchell bows out in sixth.

Brian Zupancich - 320,000
Robert Mitchell - Eliminated in 6th place for $20,858

Player Name City State Country Chip Count Progress
Rob WazWaz Minneapolis MN United States 10,520,000 10,520,000 
Peyton Smith Eagan MN United States 0 Busted 
Blake Bohn Eden Prairie MN United States 0 Busted 
Robert Mitchell Salt Lake City UT United States 0 Busted 
Brian Zupancich Silver Bay MN 0 Busted 
Tom Stambaugh Nevis MN 0 Busted 
Ryan Hartmann Minneapolis MN United States 0 Busted 
Jonathan Kim (MN) Minneapolis MN United States 0 Busted 
Scott Sitron Elk River MN 0 Busted 
Vlad Tkachuk Ukraine 0 Busted 
Alex Winter Roseville MN 0 Busted 
Rob Maier Little Canada MN 0 Busted 
Josh Smith (IA) Bettendorf IA 0 Busted 
Barbara Sargent Fort Worth TX United States 0 Busted 
Eric Hehr Minneapolis MN United States 0 Busted 
Zach Cheatum Savage MN United States 0 Busted 
DJ Buckley Eden Prairie MN 0 Busted 
Drew Schulz Littleton CO 0 Busted 
Michael Joyce St. Paul MN United States 0 Busted 
Steve Houle White Bear Lake MN 0 Busted 
Jeff Petronack Hugo MN 0 Busted 
Kou Vang Maplewood MN United States 0 Busted 
Alan Jeevanathan Chanhassen MN 0 Busted 
Joe Maas Corcoran MN 0 Busted 
Chris Carlson (MN) Minnetonka MN United States 0 Busted 
Justin Cole Colorado Springs CO 0 Busted 
Chris Jones (MN) St. Paul MN United States 0 Busted 
Larry Beilfuss Milwaukee WI 0 Busted 
Nathan Lohmer Stillwater MN 0 Busted 
Chris Meyers Buffalo NY United States 0 Busted 
James Wilson Minneapolis MN 0 Busted 
John Hayes St. Paul MN United States 0 Busted 
Victor Hoffman Onslow IA 0 Busted 
Chris Keller (ND) Bismarck ND 0 Busted 
Osama Aweida Broomfield CO United States 0 Busted 
Dan Favreau Montrose MN 0 Busted 
Jason Sell Plymouth MN 0 Busted 
Hugo Dvalle St. Paul MN United States 0 Busted 
Michelle Day Prior Lake MN United States 0 Busted 
Aslan Sahin Turkey 0 Busted 
Matthew Hamilton Minneapolis MN 0 Busted 
Thao Thiem Robbinsdale MN 0 Busted 
Mark Wadekamper Lonsdale MN 0 Busted 
Jeff Taylor Eden Prairie MN 0 Busted 
Aaron Johnson Red Wing MN United States 0 Busted 
Steve Jungmann Libertyville IL 0 Busted 
Reg Powell Elk River MN 0 Busted 
Bharathan Pulluvallil Eagan MN 0 Busted 
Adam Frank St. Cloud MN United States 0 Busted 
Curtis Anderson Provo UT United States 0 Busted 
Dan Hendrickson Faribault MN United States 0 Busted 
Marvin Donaldson Kansas City MO United States 0 Busted 
Donovan Gilbert Brooklyn Park MN 0 Busted 
Cody Espeseth Hopkins MN United States 0 Busted 
Steve Alonzo Beloit WI 0 Busted 
Michael Lutgen New Prague MN United States 0 Busted 
James Gander Rochester MN United States 0 Busted 
Carl Carodenuto Bloomington MN United States 0 Busted 
Tony Hartmann Minneapolis MN 0 Busted 
Darren Hendrickson Faribault MN 0 Busted 
Richard Stevens Shakopee MN 0 Busted 
Gregory Stoker Hopkins MN 0 Busted 
John Bertz Iron Ridge WI 0 Busted 
Zephaniah Baer St. Paul MN 0 Busted 
Nesbitt Coburn Minneapolis MN 0 Busted 
Everett Carlton St. Paul MN 0 Busted 
Dean Kaflowitz Edina MN United States 0 Busted 
Griffin Malatino Fort Lauderdale FL 0 Busted 
Thao Lor Minneapolis MN United States 0 Busted 
Shane Stegora Hillman MN United States 0 Busted 
Benjamin Valder Minneapolis MN 0 Busted 
Mike Juszczak Zimmerman MN 0 Busted 
Jeffrey Birt Bloomington MN 0 Busted 
Dave Rutledge Mankato MN 0 Busted 
Kosta Sengos Sioux Falls SD United States 0 Busted 
Alexander Truog Independence WI United States 0 Busted 
Michael Anderson Mora MN 0 Busted 
Luke Struck Shakopee MN United States 0 Busted 
Brad Cohen Faribault MN 0 Busted 
Daniel Kinney Plymouth MN United States 0 Busted 
Christopher Keller (MN) Andover MN United States 0 Busted 
Jeremy Dresch Fridley MN United States 0 Busted 
Saad Ghanem Bloomington MN 0 Busted 
Derek Palmer New Auburn MN 0 Busted 
Mike Schneider (MN) Minneapolis MN 0 Busted 
Edward Dillon Eagan MN 0 Busted 
Craig Weckwerth Henderson MN United States 0 Busted 
Suprena Kretchman Minneapolis MN United States 0 Busted 
Neil Patel St. Louis MO 0 Busted 
Duane Anderson Wilton MN 0 Busted 
Brian Johnson (SD) Rasholt SD 0 Busted 
Dennis Stevermer St. Paul MN 0 Busted 
Ken Auker Rock Island IL 0 Busted 
Tony Lazar Plymouth MN 0 Busted 
Rank Player Name City State Country AmountPoints
1 Rob WazWaz Minneapolis MN United States $109,3751,600
2 Blake Bohn Eden Prairie MN United States $67,2031,400
3 Peyton Smith Eagan MN United States $48,4301,300
4 Brian Zupancich Silver Bay MN $36,6281,200
5 Tom Stambaugh Nevis MN $27,4711,100
6 Robert Mitchell Salt Lake City UT United States $20,8581,000
7 Ryan Hartmann Minneapolis MN United States $16,279900
8 Barbara Sargent Fort Worth TX United States $12,718800
9 Vlad Tkachuk Ukraine $9,666700
10 Rob Maier Little Canada MN $7,631600
11 Jonathan Kim (MN) Minneapolis MN United States $7,631600
12 Josh Smith (IA) Bettendorf IA $7,631600
13 Scott Sitron Elk River MN $6,105500
14 Alex Winter Roseville MN $6,105500
15 Eric Hehr Minneapolis MN United States $6,105500
16 Zach Cheatum Savage MN United States $5,087400
17 DJ Buckley Eden Prairie MN $5,087400
18 Drew Schulz Littleton CO $5,087400
19 Michael Joyce St. Paul MN United States $4,629300
20 Steve Houle White Bear Lake MN $4,629300
21 Jeff Petronack Hugo MN $4,629300
22 Kou Vang Maplewood MN United States $3,917200
23 Alan Jeevanathan Chanhassen MN $3,917200
24 Joe Maas Corcoran MN $3,917200
25 Chris Carlson (MN) Minnetonka MN United States $3,408150
26 Justin Cole Colorado Springs CO $3,408150
27 Chris Jones (MN) St. Paul MN United States $3,408150
28 Larry Beilfuss Milwaukee WI $2,747100
29 Nathan Lohmer Stillwater MN $2,747100
30 Chris Meyers Buffalo NY United States $2,747100
31 James Wilson Minneapolis MN $2,747100
32 John Hayes St. Paul MN United States $2,747100
33 Victor Hoffman Onslow IA $2,747100
34 Chris Keller (ND) Bismarck ND $2,747100
35 Osama Aweida Broomfield CO United States $2,747100
36 Dan Favreau Montrose MN $2,747100
37 Jason Sell Plymouth MN $2,49375
38 Hugo Dvalle St. Paul MN United States $2,49375
39 Michelle Day Prior Lake MN United States $2,49375
40 Aslan Sahin Turkey $2,49375
41 Matthew Hamilton Minneapolis MN $2,49375
42 Thao Thiem Robbinsdale MN $2,49375
43 Mark Wadekamper Lonsdale MN $2,49375
44 Jeff Taylor Eden Prairie MN $2,49375
45 Aaron Johnson Red Wing MN United States $2,49375
46 Steve Jungmann Libertyville IL $2,28950
47 Reg Powell Elk River MN $2,28950
48 Bharathan Pulluvallil Eagan MN $2,28950
49 Adam Frank St. Cloud MN United States $2,28950
50 Curtis Anderson Provo UT United States $2,28950
51 Dan Hendrickson Faribault MN United States $2,28950
52 Marvin Donaldson Kansas City MO United States $2,28950
53 Donovan Gilbert Brooklyn Park MN $2,28950
54 Cody Espeseth Hopkins MN United States $2,28950


Level Info
Level 29
Blinds 40,000 / 80,000
Ante 10,000
Players Info
Entries 526
Players Remaining 1
Average Chip Stack 10,520,000
Total Chips 10,520,000
Top 10 Chip Count
Rank Player Name Chip Count
Rob WazWaz 10,520,000
Peyton Smith 0
Blake Bohn 0
Robert Mitchell 0
Brian Zupancich 0
Tom Stambaugh 0
Ryan Hartmann 0
Jonathan Kim (MN) 0
Scott Sitron 0
10  Vlad Tkachuk 0
Season Top 10 POY Points
Rank Player Name Points
Aaron Johnson 5,117
Blake Bohn 4,400
Kou Vang 3,900
Alex Winter 3,650
Richard Alsup 3,100
Greg Himmelbrand 2,750
Osama Aweida 2,600
Adam Friedman 2,350
Pavel Plesuv 2,250
10  David Levine 2,200
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