Treasure Island Resort & Casino: September 9 - 18, 2011

Online stud is anonymous no more
Ben Marsh began Day 2 of the MSPT at Treasure Island with only ten big blinds or 20,300 chips. Marsh grinded to under thirty players and then began his move by doubling through chip leader Heidi Roggenkamp twice. From that point on Marsh sailed to heads up action and accumulated a massive stack throughout the final table.
Hardly anybody in the room knew who Ben Marsh was. He’s rarely been seen in live tournament action. Marsh has been a very successful online player for several years crushing tournaments under the screen name “OhScissorMe.” Marsh has earned over $700K online and was regularly ranked top four in MNPokerMag’s online standings prior to “Black Friday.”
Marsh is a 26-yr old from Duluth, MN. Though he still spends some time in smaller online poker rooms, Marsh has been working his way in to the live tournament scene as of late and obviously finding success quickly. Prior to this tournament he had only bought in to a $1,000 or higher live tournament once. He was busy 16-tabling on multiple sites 5-6 days a week and had been doing so the past 3-4 years.
Marsh’s heads-up opponent was one of the toughest in the state to get through. Blake Bohn has earned over $100K in live tournaments in just the last few months including deep runs in the WSOP $10K Main Event and the Chicago Poker Classic. Bohn is also a regular in Canterbury’s $30-$60 game.
Marsh held a large chip lead when heads up play began but the two exchanged leads several times over the next couple of hours. The dagger appeared to be when Marsh’s K♥J♠ outran Bohn’s A♣Q♣. The two players got it in pre-flop, the board read 7♥5♦K♦K♣8♣.
Bohn was left with only 100K in chips to Marsh’s 2 million. Though it felt over, Bohn managed to double up twice to 500K, once picking up aces after only looking at the first ace. Bohn had again regained some momentum.
Then the final hand occurred, it felt for a second like Bohn would complete the improbable comeback. They got it all-in pre-flop, Bohn with AK, Marsh with AQ. Marsh flopped his queen, Bohn was unable to connect.
Ben Marsh earned $40,071 and the RF Moeller Diamond Championship bracelet. Blake Bohn takes home $20,035 as runner-up.


Rank Player Name AmountPoints
1 Ben Marsh $40,0711,000
2 Blake Bohn $20,035800
3 Nathan Fair $13,357700
4 Daryl Knoell $10,018600
5 Milt Blasing $8,014500
6 Tim Votava $6,011400
7 Tom Hammers $5,343300
8 John Ripstra $4,541200
9 Paul Skjerseth $3,740100
10 Chad Poitra $3,07275
11 Heidi Roggenkamp $3,07275
12 Patrick Kenney $3,07275
13 Rob Steinmetz $2,40450
14 Dylan Eggen $2,40450
15 Mark Hodge $2,40450
16 Everett Carlton $2,00450
17 Kim Pham $2,00450
18 Sam Johnson $2,00450

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