Meskwaki Casino: March 12 - 20, 2016


Meskwaki Casino - Tama, IA

March 18-20, 2016

Main Event: 409 Entrants

Keith Heine Wins MSPT Meskwaki Casino, $100,981!

Watch the full final table video (large file, may take a few minutes to load)

With 20 minutes remaining on Day 1a of the Mid-States Poker Tour Meskwaki Main Event – a tournament that attracted 409 entries and created a $409,000 prize pool – 34-year-old Keith Heine had a tough decision to make – to gamble or limp into Day 2 with a short stack. He made his decision, and ultimately it lead to him capturing the title and a $100,981 first-place prize.

You might be thinking Heine opted to limp into Day 2, but that wasn't the case. He decided to gamble and picked a spot with king-nine, which he promptly ran into ace-queen to bust. While he had satellited into Day 1a, Heine opted to buy in direct on Day 1b, which led to him bagging 253,000 and advancing to Day 2 sixth in chips out of 71 returning players.

With 45 players slated to get paid, 26 players would leave empty handed. They included Jeff Bryan, Jason Bender, Tom Frith, Todd "Odds" Haugen, Tom Hammers, and Steve Houle, who finished as the bubble boy.

From there, the in-the-money finishes began to mount and included Rodger Johnson (45th - $1,976), Rick Syverud (41st - $1,976), Scotter Clark (34th - $2,174), Josh Reichard (25th - $2,450), Jack Parisi (21st - $2,450), Day 1b chip leader Brian Berthiaume (18th - $3,122), Allen Kessler (15th - $3,952), and defending champ Rich Alsup (13th - $3,952).

The play down from 12 to the final 10 took longer than expect, which meant by the time the final table rolled around players were on the shorter side of things. That meant for a lot of fireworks during which time a lot of players were burned including Chris Scionti (9th - $7,910), two-time MSPT champ Dan Sun (8th - $11,462), and Day 1a chip leader and former MSPT champ Muneer "Moon" Ahmed (5th - $22,528).

With four players left action was fast and furious. First Heine dispatched MSPT champ TJ Ryan in fourth – the result of Ryan running pocket fours into Heine's jacks – and then turned right around and finished off a short-stacked Jason Crews in third.

That allowed Heine to take a commanding lead into heads-up play against Omaha cash game player Ryan Phan. Heine crippled Phan in back-to-back hands and then finished him off with jack-ten, which flopped two pair against Phan's five-three after they got it all in preflop.

Final Table Results


Player Name






Keith Heine






Ryan Phan






Jason Crews






TJ Ryan

Oak Forest





Muneer Ahmed






Kevin Berthelsen






Chunlei Yuan






Dan Sun

Cedar Rapids





Chris Scionti






Shawn Roberts





Prior to the win, Heine had just $12,850 in live tournament cashes, most of which came when he finished runner-up in the 2015 World Poker Tour Choctaw Event #14: $350 No-Limit Hold'em for $9,150. Now, Heine has nearly ten times that amount, which he intends to spend on his wife and four sons (ages nine, seven, five and three) by putting it towards a new house.

"So many things are going through my heads, tt's crazy," Heine said after the win. "I've got four kids and a wife. They're number one. We currently want to build a house. We've been wanting to try to build a house, so this should really help with this."

Speaking of Heine's wife, Kim, who he met 13 year ago, she was actually in a serious car accident the last time Heine played the MSPT Meskwaki Main Event.

"My wife got in a car accident the last time I was here," he explained. "I was in Day 2 of this tournament when she got hit head on with three of my kids in the car. They're all fine, but I got that call during the tournament. I was big stacked, but once I got that call my tournament was over. That was the last time I was here back in July."

Thankfully everyone turned out fine, but as Heine said he had to give up on the tournament last year. That makes his win a redemption story of sorts.

"I like the MSPT," Heine said when asked what brought him back. "I like other tours, but the MSPT is my favorite. I don't get to play as much as a lot of players. I have a job and family. I don't consider myself a professional, but I consider myself in between an amateur and professional. I play a lot at home when I can."

Congratulations to Keith Heine, the latest MSPT Meskwaki champ!


Rank Player Name AmountPoints
1 Keith Heine $100,9811,500
2 Ryan Phan $58,2961,300
3 Jason Crews $35,5711,200
4 TJ Ryan $28,6541,100
5 Muneer Ahmed $22,5281,000
6 Kevin Berthelsen $18,773900
7 Chunlei Yuan $15,019800
8 Dan Sun $11,462700
9 Chris Scionti $7,910600
10 Shawn Roberts $5,138500
11 Derek McMaster $5,138500
12 David Battani $5,138500
13 Richard Alsup $3,952400
14 Matthew Vaughan $3,952400
15 Allen Kessler $3,952400
16 Matt Kaldenburg $3,122300
17 Andrzej Rogowski $3,122300
18 Brian Berthiaume $3,122300
19 Soni Lo $2,450200
20 Sherry Hammers $2,450200
21 Giacomo Parisi $2,450200
22 Ron Thomas $2,450200
23 Josh Lyster $2,450200
24 Jim Fowler $2,450200
25 Josh Reichard $2,450200
26 Bernard Morrow $2,450200
27 Brian Weipert $2,450200
28 Daniel Buckley $2,174100
29 Sandy Weir $2,174100
30 Dean Swailes $2,174100
31 Ron MacDiarmid $2,174100
32 Nicholas Welu $2,174100
33 Tom Nypaver $2,174100
34 Scotter Clark $2,174100
35 Calvin Musil $2,174100
36 Michael Janish $2,174100
37 Steve Jewell $1,97650
38 Matt Sztamburski $1,97650
39 Doug Sundine $1,97650
40 Terry Landucci $1,97650
41 Richard Syverud $1,97650
42 Joseph Barnard $1,97650
43 Brian Zupancich $1,97650
44 Phil Mader $1,97650
45 Rodger Johnson $1,97650

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