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Burleson Leads Final Flight of 2020 MSPT Golden Gates $360 Regional

Rick Burleson

The field has been set for Day 2 of the 2020 Mid-States Poker Tour Golden Gates $360 Regional Event after Day 1d brought a record-setting 400 entries to the Golden Gates Casino and Poker Parlour to bring the overall total up to 1,087, a number that was both a record as well in addition to being the first ever tournament in Colorado poker history with more than 1,000 entries.

When all was said and done for the night, Rick Burleson (478,000) was atop the counts, beating his friend Alex Smith’s Day 1c count of 399,000 of whom he came with. The man from Rapid City, SD saw a rapid increase to his stack after becoming one of the last entries into the tournament. He found a couple doubles to break 100,000 before scoring a big knockout with a flush to get to near a quarter-million. A turned set of deuces that became a full house by the river cracked kings to take him over 400,000 near the beginning of the final level of the night, and he ascended from there to just shy of a half-million to take what will be a top-three stack into Sunday’s Day 2.

Day 1d was the largest field of the four and with it came even more big stacks. Bryan Wrenhoff (403,000), Peter Shuldiner (394,000), Lorenzo Banuelos (387,000), and Jason Johnson (349,000) round out the top five. Just below them are two more formidable opponents in Kevin Eyster (341,000) and Schuyler Thornton (340,000), both of which also saw their stacks multiply through the final three levels of the night.

Others were not as fortunate. Ryan Dodson, Jason Vanstrom, David Blankenship, Ben Keeline, and Terry Harper were just a few players who came up the mountain Saturday after not advancing in one or more of the three earlier flights only to fall short once again.

In total, 138 players will be returning Sunday for Day 2’s noon start time. One hundred and seventeen of them will make it into the money and earn a first-level payout of $620, though players are sure to have their eyes set on the first-place prize of $59,525 that will be earned before day’s end.

PokerNews will be back on hand for the home stretch, so make sure to come back and see who reigns triumphant.

Rick Burleson 478,000
Bryan Wrenhoff 403,000
Peter Shuldiner 394,000
Lorenzo Banuelos 387,000
Jason Johnson 349,000
Kevin Eyster 341,000
Schuyler Thornton 340,000
Sunyi Yi 338,000
Andrew Peragallo 329,000
James Chmilousky 311,000
Matt Deibler 309,000
Dan Trush 303,000
Ted Ramos 297,000
Sergio Sanchez 290,000
Neil Warren 265,000
Eric von Gottenberg 251,000
Stuart Brown 248,000
Danny Pham 234,000
Erasmus Morfe 208,000
Ken Mann 196,000
Alex Kotliarsky 192,000
Cher Herr 192,000
Jay Jesse 181,000
Karim Abuzar 177,000
Kendra Dieter 176,000
Mike Hakanson 174,000
Joe Lucero 158,000
Jorge Miguel 150,000
James Rodriguez 147,000
Eddy Konarske 144,000
Behrooz Halek 143,000
Igor Gavrilon 143,000
Dylan Johnson 130,000
Matt Campbell 125,000
Griffin Malatino 121,000
Altan Ulzii 120,000
Tyler Evans 119,000
Devin Garcia 119,000
Noel Diaz 116,000
Maureen Johnson 104,000
Derrick Rose 103,000
Mindaughs Kerbelis 87,000
Ronnie Lamb 81,000
Robert Stocklmeier 69,000
Sergio Ruiz 66,000
Eric Maes 57,000
Tyler Roy 57,000
Patrick Fox 57,000
Matthew Frisch 55,000
Rebecca Galloway 54,000
Mary Payeur 46,000
Suny Sik 45,000
Tom Baca 35,000
Spencer Ambrose 24,000