Awarded to date

Ameristar East Chicago: October 24 - 29, 2023

End of Day 1A Chip Counts

Created (10/27/2023 1:46:03 AM by Anthony Thompson)

Player NameChip CountPreviousProgress
Germandio Andoni429,000420,000
Andy Rogowski428,000435,000
Shawn Quinn390,000324,000
Andres Garcia (IL)365,000235,000
Michael VanderWoude262,000252,000
John Ruszkowski250,000150,000
Tom Koral239,000245,000
Frank Lagodich218,000289,000
Eric Phillips217,000185,000
William Webb162,000242,000
Michael Berk (IN)143,000173,500
Angela Gambino124,000130,000
Kristofor Karpuzi92,000118,000
Bryant Miller75,00089,000
Steve Dunkelberg56,00065,000