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Riverside Casino: March 14 - 17, 2024

Matt Roling Able to Secure Top Spot After Day 1A

Created (3/15/2024 1:14:17 AM by Anthony Thompson)


Day 1a of the MSPT (Mid-States Poker Tour) Riverside $1,110 Main Event is officially in the books with 74 total entries tallied during the first flight.

After a hard stop was reached with 2:40 remining in Level 14, Matt Roling was sitting atop of the chip counts after putting a respectable 387,000 into his bag to end the night, leading the 8 advancing players.

Bagging a close second was Kevin Berthelsen, who sat atop the counts for most the evening after flopping a set of queens to soar to the top of the leaderboard ending the night with 343,000, while Seth Frederici eliminated MSPT champ Max Havlish in the final hand of the evening to finish in a close third with 320,000.

Rounding out the top five stacks were Matt Riedesel (303,000), and Andy Tran (262,000), while Nate Simmerman (254,000), Jon Hanner (179,000), and Trey Bartlett (172,000) punched their ticket into Sunday’s Day 2 as well.

Among those to try and fall on Day 1a included MSPT Hall of Famer Aaron Johnson, four-time MSPT champ Dan Bekavac, two-time MSPT champ Ken Baime, WSOP bracelet winner Brad Jansen, and Darin Utley, just to name a few.

Those players, as well as any newcomers, have two more starting flights to jump back into action.

Day 1b will kick off at 3:00 p.m. local time Friday, while the third and final flight, Day 1c, will take place at the same time on Saturday.

The surviving players from each flight will then return at 11:00 a.m. on Sunday to play down to a winner.

MSPT Riverside Remaining Schedule
Date Time (CST) Tournament Chips Blind Levels
15-Mar 10:00 AM $265 NLH Satellite for Main Event 15,000 20 Minutes
15-Mar 3:00 PM $1,110 Main Event NLH Day 1B 30,000 40 Minutes
15-Mar 7:00 PM $265 NLH Satellite for Main Event 15,000 20 Minutes
16-Mar 9:00 AM $265 NLH Satellite for Main Event 15,000 20 Minutes
16-Mar 3:00 PM $1,110 Main Event NLH Day 1C 30,000 40 Minutes
16-Mar 8:00 PM $135 Thousandaire NLH 12,000 20 Minutes
17-Mar 11:00 AM $1,110 Main Event NLH Day 2 - 40 Minutes
17-Mar Noon $360 Last Chance Showdown NLH 20,000 30 Minutes