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Golden Gates Casino: April 12 - 15, 2018

Daniel Sochacki Eliminated In 9th Place ($8,644); Adam Friedman Eliminated In 8th Place ($11,373)

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Adam Friedman
Daniel Sochacki

Adam Friedman raised to 105,000 from UTG, and Max Young called from UTG+1. Daniel Sochacki three-bet jammed for 315,000, and when action folded back to Friedman, he four-bet jammed for around 1 million, which Young snapped off.


Friedman was distraught at Young’s slowplayed pair of aces, and the flop left him drawing to runner-runner, while Sochacki improved to a gutshot straight draw in addition to his set outs. The officially eliminated Friedman, while the eliminated Sochacki, and Young picks up a monster pot to pad his chip lead.

Friedman does pick up a consolation prize, however; with the 800 POY points he picked up in this event, he takes over first place in the Kimo Sabe Mezcal POY race.

Max Young - 3.6 million (72 bb)
Adam Friedman - Eliminated in 8th place for $11,373
Daniel Sochacki - Eliminated in 9th place for $8,644