The Venetian: June 25 - 30, 2018


Jonathan Karamalikis Eliminated In 14th Place ($38,579)

Created (6/30/2018 12:21:17 AM by Brandon Temple)
Jonathan Karamalikis

Jonathan Karamalikis jammed for 580,000 from the button, and was snapped off by Karim Rebei in the big blind.


Karamalikis found no ace or jack on the flop, but he picked up a few counterfeit outs on the turn. Rebei improved to a full house on the river, though, and Karamalikis headed to the payout desk.

Karim Rebei - 2,900,000 (58 bb)
Jonathan Karamalikis - Eliminated in 14th place for $38,579