Grand Falls Casino: August 20 - 28, 2016


Chase Robers Gets Lucky to Eliminate PokerNews Reporter Mo Nuwwarah

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Mo Nuwwarah

Chase Robers opened for 4,200 from the hijack and PokerNews reporter Mo Nuwwarah, who had lost most of his chips shortly before after missing a flush draw against trips, three-bet all in for 15,300 from the big blind. Robers called and Nuwwarah was primed to double.

Nuwwarah:  da qh
Robers:  kd qd

Nuwwarah was well out in front, and the  jc 8s 3h flop didn’t present any problems. However, that is when the dealer burned and turned the  kc to put a dagger through Nuwwarah’s heart. He could still win with a ten on the river to make Broadway, but it wasn’t meant to be as the  jd paired the board.

Chase Robers - 50,000
Mo Nuwwarah - Busted