The Venetian: June 6 - 10, 2016


TJ Thondup Eliminated in 3rd Place ($186,731)

Created (6/11/2016 1:19:05 AM by Chad Holloway)
TJ Thondup

Thomas Bolvin got his stack of 6.7 million all in preflop and was at risk against TJ Thondup.

Thondup:  ks 3s

Bolvin:  ah 5c

Bolvin got it in good and left his opponent drawing to running spades on the  7h da as flop. The  kd took away any chance of that happening, and Thondup was left with just 4.1 million after the hand.

Two hands later, Thondup shoved the button holding the  ah 6s and Bolvin woke up with the  as ac in the big blind. The board ran out  8c 2h 5s 7c 6c and that was all she wrote for Thondup.

Thomas Bolvin - 14.34 million

TJ Thondup – Eliminated in 3rd Place for $186,731